Monday, February 22, 2016

Temple of Heaven

We visited Temple of Heaven last February 11. This place is not like the Forbidden City or Tienanmen Square. Its a sacred place during the ancient times this is the place where the emperor do religious rites for good harvest for the year. The temple is just dedicated just for that purpose only,

This place is a really nice go to place if you are in Beijing and you want to enjoy the sites even during a local Chinese holiday. 

Here are some of the photos i took during our visit. (photo heavy)

The Temple of Heaven

Going to the temple of heaven location you will pass by this areas

Ticket booth

shaded pathways going to the temple of heaven
its very ornate

Photos below are from this building
which features a scale model of the the temple itself
and a gallery of the rehabilitation process of the temple

This photo is just a close up of the roof of the temple itself

and just so you know there is a store selling food and drinks inside

panoramic shot taken at the photo exhibit 

Overall I like the place. There are trees surrounding the area and its not really crowded. Walking around the area is not bad at all. If ever you get tired and you just wanted to chill out, you can go back to the shaded halls and sit on the side. since this spot is where the elderly hang out to play chinese chess and some other card and board games. I bet its a lot more better if we didnt go there during a local holiday.

For more information you can check out this site: travel china guide- Temple of Heaven

Thats it for this post. i hope you guys find this helpful.