Sunday, February 21, 2016

Forbidden City

Well i think everyone knows about this place. The Forbidden City (now the national palace museum) is the home of most of the emperors and empresses (plus concubines) in Chinese history.

okay enough with the talk and lets get straight to the photos :) (photo heavy post)

The Meridian Gate
full view

Gate of Supreme Harmony
(bottom pic)

Just another panoramic shot of the building above
because just putting the building photo is not enough for me :)
and this gives a good view of the place 

one of the lions in front of the gate

Hall of supreme harmony
and surrounding area



dragon detail

the Emperors Throne
i know the picture is not the best 
but hey so many locals are trying to knock each others camera down just to get a photo
and i survived!

Photos below are taken from the Hall of Earthly Tranquility

The emperors matrimonial suite
so basically this place is the consummation room
for everyone i guess (concubines and empress)

and the other side of the hall is used for religious activities

The Imperial Garden

Mountain of Accumulated Elegance

These are incense burners
its said that there are 16 of these inside the forbidden city

Gate of Divine Prowress

Whew! sorry for the long post. its just i dont want to make chapters of this to cut it short. 

Its interesting and tiring at the same time. Plus so many people during our visit so it kinda drains me out. I would have appreciated it more without the crowds. Taking photos while trying to brave all the locals for a decent photo is not easy. And also taking photos while walking is also not easy! This place can use rickshaws its super massive! after our walking tour here i cant feel my legs anymore.
But all in all it was a nice experience and very enriching! I can say now that i have been to the forbidden city! YAY!

Will I come back here? YES, hoping to enjoy it more next time.

  • Wear very comfy shoes
  • beware of some slippery areas (some bricks are super smooth)
  • take care of your belongings all the time
  • another checkpoint before entering
  • no seating available but you can sit anywhere as long as its not blocking the way.
  • many people are using monopods so be careful (they use it everywhere!)
  • bring your own drinks/food
  • there is a toilet area at the imperial garden area ( toilet is okay just okay)
  • many people will offer you tours and other things so be careful.

This is everything i can think of at the moment. 

Tickets and operating hours
: Detailed info from Travel China Guide website
Address: 4 Jingshan Front St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China

thats it for this post. i hope you enjoyed it and find this helpful.
have a great day!