Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tienanmen Square

Okay Tienanmen square is the biggest square in the world. This place is so massive like crazy! there are thousands of people there when we visited.

Here are just some of the photos i took :)

South gate of the forbidden city 
facing the tienanmen square directly

Photos below are some of the establishments at the square itself
sorry for the foggy pictures. its snowing during our visit and its crazy cold!

China national Museum
biggest museum in the world (as what the tour guide claimed)
if you are in front of the south gate 
you will see this building on the left
I wasnt able to visit this place since we got short on time
The next time me and my husband visit beijing we will go here for sure 

Great Hall of the People
Government building
located at the right when you are at the south gate
directly adjacent to china national museum

Monument to the Peoples Heroes
Its in the middle of the square
look at how many people are around that area!
this place is packed like crazy!

Mao's Mausoleum
where the body of Mao Zedong can be vied
Im not interested seeing a dead body there, 
besides i cant take a photo, you cant bring your things inside
and thousands of people in line just to get in!

You can download this image and zoom it
This will help you during your visit!

seems like a train station or an underpass walkway exit.
im not so sure

Notes about the Tienanmen Square

  • Its a public square and its packed with people
  • no seating/benches available
  • no car park on the square vicinity (we walked at least 10-15 minutes just to get here)
  • so many check points and cops everywhere
  • taking photos of officers are not allowed (cops and military people)
  • a ton of walking involved and you can easily get lost. 
  • make sure you have a map with you and bring water with you.
  • Wear a really good pair of walking shoes.
  • **Depending on the season you are visiting it tends to get super crowded! check chinese holiday dates and avoid them (we visited during chinese new year)
  • Its rather clean and well maintained
  • There are a lot of security cameras around
Will I visit this place again? Yes, because i want to see the China National Museum again,

Address: West Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100006, PRC 

Experience: Its okay. Its a must see since its famous landmark. for me its not really interesting since its just so plain and packed with people during our visit, Its nice that i can say that i have been here though :)  just draining with all the walking! 

so thats it for this post. i hope you find it helpful!