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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Benefits of Classical Music

Stress is everywhere and if you are stressed, you will have low output on your job and obviously a bad day.

Classical music is a great way to relieve mind stress and its also helps in relaxing. In spas they play classical or nature instrumental music that will calm and invigorate your senses.

Depending on the pace and the tune of the music it can even help learning and a persons social skills.

There are a lot of instruments that produces classical music but my favorite is the Piano like this roland fantom.

Whats your favorite classical musical instrument? Comment down below!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer Music

Since fall season is closing in, I'm already missing summer music. They give out that acoustic and chill vibe that you want to listen to while you are on the beach and watching the stars with just a bonfire to light up the The instruments I love listening to are the ukelele and guitar. They are just really soothing to listen to.

Since these instruments require strings, they are prone to breaking in due time so its better to always have a spare one from g ukelele .

What kind of instruments do you love listening to during summer? Comment down below!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Turn Your Home Into A Social Hub In 3 Simple Steps

Entertaining friends and family in your home is an excellent way to socialize and have fun. But many people don’t make the effort to do if often because they don’t feel their home is suitable. From a lack of space to poorly designed kitchens, there are many excuses as to why we shouldn’t entertain guests. But you don’t need to have a large home to make your home appropriate for entertaining guests. Just a few new additions and some minor changes can transform your home almost instantly. Follow these simple steps and create a home that welcomes socializing of all kinds.

Paint with the right colors

Many of us don’t realize that the colors we choose to paint our homes emit certain energies and evoke emotions. If you want to make sure your home caters to social situations you need to make sure you use the right colors in the right rooms. You can paint your brand new orangery or dining room a shade of green to help your guests relax but to also promote hunger. Shades of red inspired energy and vibrancy which is ideal for rooms like kitchens and living rooms where groups tend to gather. While it’s important to choose colors that suit the mood you are trying to create, it’s also vital that you like them too. So find out which colors are associated with certain moods but also consider the different shades to make sure they suit your preferences too.

Keep your home clean

Sometimes opportunities to entertain come up unexpectedly and at the last minute. To make sure your home is ready to be the perfect entertaining environment at all times, keep it clean and tidy. You want your guests to feel comfortable and welcomed from the moment they walk through the door. Cleaning is a simple but very effective way of doing this. So make time each week to give your house a thorough clean, including both the insides and out. If larger cleaning tasks like carpet cleaning are required, it can be useful to hire a professional cleaning service to help you. This creates a lasting first impression on your guests and encourages them to return for events you hold in future.

Think about your seating

From dinner parties to house parties, comfortable seating is an absolute must. So it’s important to make your seating as enticing as they can be. You can boost the comfort of dining chairs with padded seat pads and add over-sized pillows and throws to your sofa. As well as enhancing the comfort of your seating, also think about its position. Avoid having your sofas and chairs positioned towards the TV. Instead, promote conversation by making sure your seating allows people to face each other. This can help everyone form strong relationships rather than being too focused on what’s on the TV. If you’re planning on hosting a dinner party, consider moving your table and seating next to a window or piece of art. This can be a great conversation starter which can put your guests at ease.

So whether you’re throwing a family BBQ or a murder mystery dinner, your home should now be the vibrant social hub it ought to be.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shanxi Museum

Shanxi Museum is one of the best museums I have been so far. Its organized, well lit and packed with artifacts from Ancient China. Considering that we live in Taiyuan at the present time we decided to visit this museum and see what it can offer. 

Shanxi Museum houses a total of 200,000 cultural relics and its all in display. The theme of the museum is "Jin Soul" and with it are 7 displays on history and 5 on arts which follows a historical route, and focuses on civilizations and the 5000 years of history and arts.

Here are the 12 Displays: 

  • The Cradle of Civilization- Displays the cultural relics from the Neolithic and Paleolithic ages that exhibits the local history and the ancient men and the start of civilization and state.
  • The Traces of the Xia and Shang Dynasties- This exhibit shows Shanxi during the two the dynasties that spanned almost a thousand years. You can see here the civilization of the Central Plains and grassland cultures of different states in Northern China.
  • The Achievements of the Jin Kingdom- Shows the history from the beggining via subinfeudation up to the splitting to three vassal states and also amazing bronze art of the age.
  • The Melting Pot of Different NationalitiesFocuses on arts produces during the mixture of cultures from the Han up to the Sui Dynasties.
  • The Relics of Buddhism- shows the development of Buddhisim in 1500 years from the Northern Qi Dynasty to the Ming and Qing dynasties. The artworks are witnesses to the development and also the aesthetic pursuits of ancient artists.  
  • The Hometown of Operas- local operas and brick carvings are the focal point of this display. It shows traditional developement of the art of opera form the Warring States to the Ming and Qing dynasties and highlights the contribution and status of Shanxi in the Chinese opera history.
  • Shanxi Merchants- tells the history of the merchants in the Ming and Qing dynasties that established that first Draft Bank (Piaohao) that opened the financial field in China. 

This section shows the outstanding product craftsmanship and artistic qualities of Chinese Art.
  • Ancient Chinese Painting and Calligraphy 
  • Ancient Chinese Porcelain
  • Ancient Chinese Currency 
  • Jades
  • Chinese Architecture

For more images during my visit check out my Facebook page albums
(its just too much to be put in one post)

Opening Hours: 
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (no admission after 4:00 PM)
  • Museum is closed during Mondays, New Year's Eve and the First Day of Chinese Lunar Calendar (days may vary)
Contact Information:
  • Address: 13 Binhe Xilu Beiduan, Taiyuan, Shanxi, PRC
  • Postal code: 030024
  • Telephone: 86-351-8789188 8789555
  • Fax: 86-351-8789221
  • Website:
Visiting Information:
  • Tickets are for free (locals present a valid ID and tourists need to present your passport) just go to the ticketing office located at the right side of the museum block.
  • Admission is only valid for tickets that are issued the same day,
  • Touching of relics is prohibited
  • Flash lights and Tripods are not allowed
  • Food and drinks are not allowed.
  • Shanxi Museum offers services for councel, data, speaking guide, audio guide, baggage counter, strollers, wheel chairs and catering etc. 
  • For group tours, reservations in advance is advised (Tel: 86-351-8789555)
Personal Thoughts:

The museum is quite modern considering that its housed in a very nice building following Chinese Feng Shui. There are 4 levels in this building and the bottom is just basically dedicated for admissions and if you want to get an audio guide or a speaking guide you can. Im not aware on the cost since when we visited we just took a free visitors guide (some info and map provided) they have it in both Chinese and English and is available at the information desk at the middle of the 1st floor. 

There are a wide array of artifacts to be seen and they are displayed properly and is well lit. The building is air-conditioned and there are only a handful of foreign tourists around and 99% of the people visiting there are locals. A tea house is located at the 2nd level of the museum.

The displays are great and I did enjoy everything. If you love art then you must visit this if ever you are in Shanxi. I highly recommend it and will definitely visit again in the future.

Time spent in museum : 3-4 hours (its not small and if you take a lot of photos it might take longer and its a lot of walking)

There are toilets per level and they have both the squat and the western toilets. And they are clean. (I deem this necessary and if I can I try to check it)

There are random seating spots near the octagon center of each level. The escalators are off during our visit but the elevators are working properly. There are a lot of stairs too if you prefer walking. 

Thats it for this post and I hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions feel free to post a comment or send me an email :)


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Don't Forget These Dinner Party Essentials

If you have a special occasion coming up, you might be considering a dinner party with your friends to celebrate. An intimate event like this gives you a chance to flex your creative muscles in the kitchen. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to work your creativity on decorating the dining room. Preparing for a dinner party takes a little planning and organization. Here are the essentials for your fantastic evening:

You may have a vegetarian guest, so be sure you can prepare something suitable. If you have a budget in mind for the meal, consider your recipes carefully! Once you’ve chosen your starter and main courses, you can pick which wines will go well. Don’t forget to include an alcohol-free variety for the drivers. If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not create a card menu for the table? You can even title it in honor of your big event.

When it comes to decorating the table, you might have a color scheme already in mind. You can sew your own table runner or cloth from a material that suits your theme. If your dinner party is in the garden, consider sewing in some weights to the corner to prevent it flapping about in the breeze. You can pick your flowers by doing an internet search for florists near me and picking one that specializes in centerpieces. Alternatively, order the blooms you want, and arrange them in your centerpiece vase yourself.

Place Settings

When you set the table, it can be a nice touch to include place setting cards. Some people use foldable ones. The name of the guest sitting there is on the facing surface. Inside are some interesting details about the people sitting either side of them. It makes for a great conversation piece and helps people get to know each other. Add a photo if you like.


On the day you may start early with your food preparations. Desserts are often served cold. These can be made in the morning and left in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. Vegetables can be stored in cold water once you’ve peeled and chopped them. Why not try a slow cooker recipe if you’re struggling to find time today? It’s difficult to coordinate all the different cooking times for things. Try to write them down and see if it is easier to figure out working with a planner.


Once your guests have arrived, you will want to spend time meeting and greeting everyone. Perhaps you will serve some appetizers and drinks? When everyone is seated at the table, you will need to decide how you want to serve each course. You might choose a big platter plate so everyone can serve themselves at the table. Or you may plate everything in the kitchen and then bring it through. The choice is yours. Your guests probably won’t mind either way! You will have more space on the table if you serve, though.

Dinner parties are a lot of fun. Choose some background music, dim the lights and bon appetite.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Making Your Bedroom Your Favorite Room In The House

If your favorite pastime in the home is napping, reading and relaxing, you likely spend a lot of your time in your bedroom. So it only makes sense that you should invest your time and effort in making this the best room in the house. Let’s take a look at what you can do to make your bedroom your favorite room in your whole home!

First up, you need to decide who is going to do the work! You could do it yourself, of course. However, by hiring an Interior Design Company, you don’t just get someone else to take on the responsibility of the work. You are also hiring years of training and specialist knowledge. This means that they can advise you on things like color schemes, layouts and furniture placement too! You can also kill multiple birds with one stone by hiring a company who offer other related services. These may include things like furniture design, sourcing specific materials and even architectural detailing. By hiring one company to do all of these things, you know exactly who you are working with. Plus you can trust the output of work and the turnaround time too.


When it comes to designing bedrooms, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration first. For example, there are certain pieces of furniture that you cannot do without- like your bed. There will also be certain pieces of furniture that you do not want to do without. Your wardrobe or dressing table are good examples of this. This means that you will need to fit certain design plans and hopes around these things. However, once that is tackled, you can really start to have fun! If your bedroom is big enough, or could be laid out to give you some free space, it is fantastic to have a seating area in your bedroom. This allows to you to spend time relaxing in the bedroom in a place other than your bed. You will likely want to have your bedroom as a calm and nurturing space. This kind of space is perfect for things like reading, scrapbooking or online shopping. So, make yourself a seating area. You could go for something quirky, like a deckchair or a hanging pod! Make sure it’s soft and comfortable, of course!


Something else you can do to make your bedroom the best in the house is to improve your views. Could you move your bed so that it faces a window? This means that can wake up in the morning with the sunshine streaming into your bed. Or could you hang a huge canvas over the wall you wake up facing, so you first thought of the day is a happy one? An alternative and awesome idea is a wall mural. You can get some incredible designs these days, and they allow you to cover an entire wall with an image. How about a beach scene with swinging hammock? Or something more industrial, like the New York City skyline.

These are just some amazing ways on how you can make your bedroom your favorite spot in your home. Do you have any ideas on making your room more cozy? Comment them down below!


Monday, August 29, 2016

The Progress Through Color and Line - The Beautiful in Childhood

Curiosity and an unconscious will and desire for understanding the natural and artificial world surrounding us are something every child experiences from an early age.Here is where psychological, cognitive and emotional development take place, where associations and complex connections are formed and movement and dexterity enhances. Drawing, painting, coloring, sketching are the actual tools and methods that lead to the above mentioned enhancements, offering guidance, supporting discipline, exercising control and encouraging creativity and imaginative thinking.

Every kid has the tendency to take a pen and a piece of paper and start forming shapes and patterns the way he manages to perceive them at an early stage of development. At the age of 18 months, scribbling as this activity is called, marks the beginning of a particular branch of the human growth mechanism, a complex structure that evolves gradually in time and leads to the complete formation of the individual.

Grasping shapes, forms represents the logical next step. Their association comes in right after as the child starts depicting the classical house form and in the end the human body by using primitive forms. Proportions, perspective, scale will come in much later in the evolution form.

The stage of representing the surrounding environment as it is conceived and perceived by the young mind marks a stage filled with creativity, imagination, a world where everything is possible, is encouraged and applauded. Here is where the role of the parent is the most essential, positive feedback given at the right period of time will influence future self-confidence and the confidence of pursuing one’s dreams and desires. Each creation should be seen with a healthy positive attitude even if taste and ideas collie. Competitiveness is to be encouraged as long as it is used as a tool in creative productiveness and not as a jealousy inducing method.

We now surpass the toddler phase where imaginative thinking is challenged  by real depictions of the natural. Creativity lingers but in a real, logical sense where scale and proportions express the exact grasp on reality. Talent or inclination towards this domain will now be perceived and should be encouraged through professional council and aid. Techniques can be learned and mastered as well as the many different forms of expression through different art materials. Each idea should be put to the test, experienced and emphasized as a constructive alternative method of learning and development. It is the creative thinking that aids the most a young mind, associated with a rigorous disciplined process that does not, in any case, limit imagination and free expression. After all, the entire process of learning is about the formation of capable individuals, each with his own personality, taste and thought.

As we can observe, the role of the parent never ends and their attitude towards the fine arts will dictate a certain direction in the childs evolution. Understand that creativity must be encouraged, talent should be sustained and involvement must be constant.

In the end e would like to propose a challenge where every one of us dives in the cartoon world we have prepared below as a wonderful creative reminder of passed childhoods. What is your take on this creative alternative learning method?

Photo Credits to Homesthetics Network