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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Prepare Yourself For Moving With These Killer Questions

After all the stress of buying (and potentially selling) a property, you may assume that the hard work is
over. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. Very, very wrong. The move and settling in period can be equally
troublesome, especially if you haven’t seized control.
Use the four questions below for guidance, and you will be set to minimize the stress. Right now, that
has to be seen as a major victory.

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How Will I Transport My Big Possessions?
Moving day is stressful for many reasons, not least due to the timings of picking up keys and
paperwork. Perhaps the biggest concern in the days leading up to the relocation, however, revolves
around moving your possessions. Whether moving 500 meters or 500 miles, this can be a major issue.
When it’s your first move, you might not to worry too much. For those up-sizing, bulky items like
snooker tables, pianos and furniture can all pose a major threat. Click here to learn more about the
available options, and things will suddenly feel more controlled. Just remember to plan where things
will go, as this will enable the experts to help.
How Will I Avoid Getting Ripped Off?
The start of a new chapter gives you a chance to right a few wrongs, starting with the household
services. First and foremost, this is the ideal time to reconsider whether you need the big TV package.
In this era, it might be a lot easier and cheaper to stick to premium streaming services. On a similar
note, you should check you’re getting the best broadband.
Further services up for debate include gas, electricity, and home insurance. Paying over the odds when
price comparisons and other resources exist simply isn’t a solution. Apart from anything else, getting
the best deals will fill you with pride and confidence.

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How Can I Ensure That The Family Is Safe?
The property surveys should have pinpointed any problems with the safety of the home, so this aspect
shouldn’t be a major issue. Nonetheless, entering a new home in a new neighborhood can be quite
daunting. Protecting the property from outside dangers is vital.
It certainly helps to get to know the neighbors quickly, but you won’t be 100% sure about the
trustworthiness on day one. Therefore, investing in CCTV could prove to be very useful. Meanwhile,
you can click here to learn about changing the lock. This isn’t necessary for everyone, but some will
like to do it for emotional reassurance.
How Long Before The House Will Feel Like Home?
Any realistic homeowner should accept the fact that it will take a long time to truly stamp your
personality and authority on the property. Still, this shouldn’t stop you wanting to take control of the
situation ASAP. Focus on mastering these essential features at the earliest stage possible, and the
home will feel far more comfortable.
Meanwhile, adding family photos and sentimental items around the home can make it seem like you’ve
made a huge level of progress. Aside from bringing those immediate benefits, it’s likely to have a
positive influence on your future home upgrade tasks. If that doesn’t motivate you, what will?


Monday, February 5, 2018

Family Savings: Is It Time To Take A Risk?

With all the talk of Bitcoins, Ripple and Ethereum, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might be time
to get in on the action. Seeing your family nest egg accruing minimal interest in a savings account
can be frustrating when you see thousands of singletons trying their luck on more high risk and
lucrative investments. You want your money to work for you in the most aggressive way possible;
however, you also don’t want to jeopardize the financial security of your family just because you fancy
a flutter on something a little too high risk. Take a look at where you could invest some of your savings
to see a better return on your investment.

Bricks And Mortar

Many people live by the adage that property will always reward you handsomely in the long term. While this may have been true a decade ago, when people were buying up housing stock, doing nothing with it and then selling it on twelve months later for a ridiculous profit, times are now a little more sedate. However, if you choose an area that you know and you can afford to buy a second property to let out for the long term, you could end up with a healthy asset, building greater equity the longer you own it. You’ll need to do some number crunching and make sure that your rental yield is above 6% and that you receive enough each month to pay the mortgage. By expanding your property portfolio you could see your nest egg working more aggressively than if it was stuck in a bank account.

Trust A Financial Advisor

If you don’t mind relinquishing some of the control over your finances, you might be keen to put your
trust in investment experts. Financial advisors who know the world of investments inside out draw up
portfolio plans that are high, medium and low risk. Depending on the strategy you wish to employ,
a financial advisor will invest your cash on your behalf, taking a small fee for doing so. If you read
the personal capital reviews, you’ll see how you can even use an app to track your investments,
analyze market trends and have the opportunity to clue yourself up as much as your advisor. Choose
the correct portfolio while developing a positive relationship with your investment guru, and you could
see a handsome return on your savings.


You shouldn’t think that investing in wine means heading down to your local vineyard and partaking in
a bottle or two. By selecting an excellent vintage and purchasing a case of the stuff, you could see a
giant return on your investment. Wine gets better (and rarer) with age. By carefully storing your
beaujolais, your zinfandel or your chardonnay, you could find that your tipple of choice increases in
value every year. This is a sound way of seeing a healthy return both short term and long term. As people become more financially savvy, reliance on the good old trusty savings account is becoming
less prominent in society. Why not break the mold and try to spread your monetary wings, focusing on
other more lucrative investment opportunities.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Plan, Prepare and Protect: Cheerio To Cash Calamities

You are the first person to admit that last year was a slight disaster when it comes to debts and deficits. It can be very difficult to claw your way out of an empty bank account black-hole, but you don’t have to look back and dwell upon mistakes you have made with your money in the past. We are all looking for a quick fix for our finances, but saving and paying bills can take time. If you’re prepared to sit down and create an achievable plan, then you will soon be back in the money.

The Key To Financial Freedom

The only way that you can feel liberated from the chains that tie you down in your financial nightmares is to spend your money consciously. Prepare a plan each month that will help you to pay for all the essentials in your life. Think about your rent payments, phone bills and grocery shopping and make sure you’re well prepared enough to pay these on time. You will be left with money to spend on treats of your choice or you could choose to invest it into another account. The key to independence is setting aside a little money each month, just in case you need to make a last-minute unexpected payment.  

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Pay It Off And Then Forget

Protect yourself from a bad credit rating and get on top of your debts. The sooner you take action with the ever-growing bills on your coffee table, the sooner you can forget they existed and move on with your life. There are companies which specialize in debt relief services. They can help you to realize the extent of your debt and will offer you support and advice on how to tackle large sums of money. If you owe money to any other people in your life, like parents or friends, then set a time frame in which you’re going to pay them back. Setting goals is proven to be the most effective way to managing money and protecting yourself from financial failures.

Budget For Your Future

Start drafting a plan to set yourself up for a steady and hassle-free future. Make a note of the larger financial investments you might need to make in the short-term and long-term periods of your life. This will allow you to set aside the money you need to pay for these things. Without a budget you will be setting yourself up for another stressful whirlwind of bills and debt. Keep your bank balance healthy and your spending low whenever you can. The harder you work to save up for the important events, the more satisfied you will be with your achievements. Be proud to be frugal now and again and you will be the one to reap the benefits.

You are now fully equipped to take on your money worries with confidence and care. Never forget the sinking feeling you experience when you have spent too much money on something unnecessary. You will soon be on the road to economic independence if you are mindful of your spending and you set attainable goals to set you up for the future.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Fix Your Finances With A Little DIY

Your finances are often the center of your world. We need it to keep a roof over our heads and a credit report can affect a lot more than we think! Yet, you could simply look inwards to make some cash on the side...Remember that famous movie quote, ‘If you’re good at something, never do it for free?’ Well, it’s actually great advice! You can make a lot of money off of the things you build with your own hands, and once you have some good reputation behind you, any materials you invest in become 2x their original value. So, when it comes to fixing your finance, turn to the DIY world to make some more money when you really need it. Here’s a little advice on how.

Sell Off Your Creations

If you have a bunch of hand carved chairs in the garage, or the pottery you put care and effort into shaping is boxed up in the attic, it’s time to clear that out and put them online. There’s always a collector out there for niche markets, and a lot of the time normal people like you are looking for cheap alternatives to the big brands. Give them the quality assurance seal and sell them off for a good price.

Any penny of some extra money can do wonders for your bill needs at the end of the day. For example, when it comes to knowing how to repair your credit, we’re all looking for answers. Yet, putting your skills to good use is definitely a time and money considerate effort when it comes to paying off those credit card bills. You might not even need to use your credit as much as you used to once you have your side hustle off the ground!

Where to Head to Start Selling!

You’ll probably want to start up on a platform that’s well known for what it does and has a huge exposure. Then, make sure you title and tag your pieces properly and then advertise about them on your social media. You never know when your friends and family are looking to invest in products that are a little closer to home.

Try out marketplaces like Etsy, as there’s over 30 million registered customers here. Imagine how many hits a day you might get! You can even offer promotions and sales for returning customers by slipping in a card with a code with every product you ship out. If you’d rather let people bid on your items you can head to the good ol’option of Ebay, but the fees here can end up rather hefty. With both options, listings can cost you a few pennies each time, but there’s no breaking the bank involved.

Your finances need you! You spent some good time on making your creations and you had fun with the process, it’s time to make the money you deserve from it. This is often easier than you think, so try out these options.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Is Your Conservatory as Stylish as it Could Be?

It’s a big question and one that many homeowners ask. In some ways, the conservatory is easy to style and accessories. Awash with an abundance of light, dark colors and bold patterns shine. But its simplicity is deceptive. Without a few details here and there, the conservatory can look sparse.  Just how do you style a conservatory to that is transforms from a barren landscape to a room rich in detail and style, but without swamping the space or cluttering it too much?

Hitting the Right Style Notes

Hitting the right notes means understand key elements of the space, all of which are covered in this guide to stylish conservatories, including;
  • The different functions of the conservatory inform key styling choices
  • How color, tone and shade will vary in the space
  • How big bold patterns and block colored soft furnishings can create both a traditional and modern appeal
  • How rattan is a great solution for the conservatory because of its durability and robustness
  • How to heat the conservatory to create a great a great space for use in autumn and winter

Everything you Need to Know in One Handy Guide

The fantastic Guide to Stylish Conservatory Furniture is perfect for any homeowner looking to revamp their conservatory space or those enjoying this kind of popular home improvement for the first time.

What changes will you make to transform your conservatory into an extraordinary space?
Monday, December 18, 2017

Villa Escudero Waterfalls and Villas

Villa Escudero is one of the top tourist attractions that balikbayans visit to rekindle their Filipino spirit. And, many foreign tourists are even more intrigued with the rare dining experience Villa Escudero offers.

Villa Escudero in Tiaong, Quezon allows its visitors to experience Filipino life and culture through food, accommodation, museums, folk dance presentation, and other recreational activities. But, in this article, I’d like to highlight my review on my dining and overnight experience in the Villa.

Overnight Accommodation

Villa Escudero has five types of accommodation rooms, namely Riverside Units, Executive Riverside Units, Longside Unit, Executive Longhouse Unit and Presidential Suite. The most expensive they have is the Presidential Suite. This cost P6,200 to 10,500 per night depending on whether it’s a peak season or not. It can be occupied by at least five persons. And, it has a large veranda from which you can relax and view the river.

The Riverside Units also have verandas from which you can view the calm river. Each of these rooms cost P 4,400 to 7,000 per night depending on the season. These units can accommodate a big group with twelve members.

Since they have air condition, the Executive Units (Riverside and Longhouse Units) have a more modern design compared to the ordinary rooms. And, they are more expensive for about P1,200 to 2,200.

As for us, we stayed at the Longside Unit. Overnight stay in this room costs around P 3,600 to 6,000 depending on the season. It can accommodate up to six persons only.

This was perfect for us since we were coming from a vacation from Singapore and I had a lot of work given by my chinese tutor Singapore. This was a good spot for me to work.

I really loved how the Villa has a rustic vibe. The Villa’s accommodation rooms feature modern bahay kubo design. Among the room types, I think the Longside Unit captured the rustic vibe most. It is carefully designed with high ceiling and with the materials, sawali, and bamboo.

These designs allow natural ventilation within the room.The room was big enough. There was a main bed with a canopy. Beside it is a single bed. Then, there is a loft in which you can find three mattresses. But, either which space you prefer, you’ll feel very cozy and homey. The bathroom and shower are built with tiled walls and floors. And, they have separate glass doors. The sink is situated in between the shower and bathroom. The shower has a cold and warm switch. And the bathroom is fairly decent with bidet.

What I loved most was the outdoor living room. Here is where you can just sit and maybe take out your laptop and work. Or, maybe you can just hang out with your friends and just chill.

Waterfalls Buffet Lunch in Villa Escudero

Many tourists really visit Villa Escudero just to experience dining in at the foot of the Labasin Falls. So, the place can be crowded during weekends and Holidays. The best time to visit the place is during weekdays.

Although I think you can ask for a plastic spoon and fork, eating at the base of the Labasin Waterfalls may be best if you do it with your bare hands. Eating bare hands or Kamayan Style is a traditional way of eating in the Philippines.

At their buffet table, they serve all Filipino cuisine from soup, main dishes with rice and up to the dessert. Usually, they’ll serve grilled pork, roasted chicken, pancit, caldereta, and fresh vegetables. For dessert, they have banana cue (deep fried banana) and fresh fruits.

I’d say my dining experience at the base of Labasin Waterfalls inside Villa Escudero is satisfactory. They generously serve delicious Filipino dishes. Plus, I love the natural ambiance. The sound of the chirping birds and of the flowing water is relaxing. And, seeing many families and barkada (friends) enjoying the buffet lunch gives a vibe similar to a fiesta (celebration).

Have you experienced staying at Villa Escudero yet? Did you enjoy your buffet lunch at the base of Labasin Waterfalls? If not, I’d suggest you bring your family or friends with you to visit the Villa. If you’ve already visited the place, let me know your experience by commenting below.
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Keeping Accurate Paperwork To Save Financial Stress

With almost a third of us living paycheck topaycheck it's a wonder that not more people know exactly what paperwork they should or shouldn't keep ensuring that their financial stresses stay at a minimum level. A lot of paperwork has to do with the home, and then there is a chunk of paperwork that is connected to work - but you need to know what is vital and what isn’t.


Any letters concerning the bills you pay should be kept as a record of your outgoings. If there has been any damage or repairs, keep hold of any paperwork you were given then. The average time to hold on to this sort of information is three years, but you might want to hold on to them for a little longer just in case. If you share the bills with a housemate or partner, then have a folder for the joint accounts, and one each for your personal bills, that way everyone knows what they are in control of.


A lot of companies have made an effort to go ’paperless’ emailing payslips over to their employees. But it is easy to lose them in the virtual world, so why not download and print them each time they come through. Obviously you are doing against your employer's wish to be completely paperless, however, if they aren’t challenged every now and again, then they have no job being a manager. Plus, a physical copy is a lot easier to file away.

Check Stub

You can request a copy of your check stub templates and should do once a year. This flags up if anything has been going wrong during the transaction of money between your employer's account and the employee’s. It’s a great way to make sure that everything is in order, and can be a vital piece of evidence if ever you need it.


Any information about your working contact should be written down and signed by the employee as well as yourself. A smart employee will have a copy made and keep it in their files. If along the line, you make any changes to your contract - i.e. different hours, an agreed raise or time off - make sure that you have it written down.  


If you are self-employed, keeping hold of your receipts is very important as you are able to claim back on some of those things due to the fact that they are business transactions. For anyone else, keep the receipts of the big and expensive things, as well as new clothes or shoes. For the latter two options, once you have decided that you aren’t going to return the items, then you can get rid of the receipts.


Whether it’s an official will, witnessed and signed, and drawn up by a lawyer, or it’s just a letter expressing yourwishes should anything happen to you - it’s an important piece of paper that should definitely be kept safe. You can arrange for things to be taken care of in your absence, and put a stop to overspending, financial worry, and to arguments over assets well before it’s your time to go. 

Being able to prepare ahead of time when it comes to your financial future is crucial for a hassle free future. How do you keep your paperwork organized? Comment down below!