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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Progress Through Color and Line - The Beautiful in Childhood

Curiosity and an unconscious will and desire for understanding the natural and artificial world surrounding us are something every child experiences from an early age.Here is where psychological, cognitive and emotional development take place, where associations and complex connections are formed and movement and dexterity enhances. Drawing, painting, coloring, sketching are the actual tools and methods that lead to the above mentioned enhancements, offering guidance, supporting discipline, exercising control and encouraging creativity and imaginative thinking.

Every kid has the tendency to take a pen and a piece of paper and start forming shapes and patterns the way he manages to perceive them at an early stage of development. At the age of 18 months, scribbling as this activity is called, marks the beginning of a particular branch of the human growth mechanism, a complex structure that evolves gradually in time and leads to the complete formation of the individual.

Grasping shapes, forms represents the logical next step. Their association comes in right after as the child starts depicting the classical house form and in the end the human body by using primitive forms. Proportions, perspective, scale will come in much later in the evolution form.

The stage of representing the surrounding environment as it is conceived and perceived by the young mind marks a stage filled with creativity, imagination, a world where everything is possible, is encouraged and applauded. Here is where the role of the parent is the most essential, positive feedback given at the right period of time will influence future self-confidence and the confidence of pursuing one’s dreams and desires. Each creation should be seen with a healthy positive attitude even if taste and ideas collie. Competitiveness is to be encouraged as long as it is used as a tool in creative productiveness and not as a jealousy inducing method.

We now surpass the toddler phase where imaginative thinking is challenged  by real depictions of the natural. Creativity lingers but in a real, logical sense where scale and proportions express the exact grasp on reality. Talent or inclination towards this domain will now be perceived and should be encouraged through professional council and aid. Techniques can be learned and mastered as well as the many different forms of expression through different art materials. Each idea should be put to the test, experienced and emphasized as a constructive alternative method of learning and development. It is the creative thinking that aids the most a young mind, associated with a rigorous disciplined process that does not, in any case, limit imagination and free expression. After all, the entire process of learning is about the formation of capable individuals, each with his own personality, taste and thought.

As we can observe, the role of the parent never ends and their attitude towards the fine arts will dictate a certain direction in the childs evolution. Understand that creativity must be encouraged, talent should be sustained and involvement must be constant.

In the end e would like to propose a challenge where every one of us dives in the cartoon world we have prepared below as a wonderful creative reminder of passed childhoods. What is your take on this creative alternative learning method?

Photo Credits to Homesthetics Network
Friday, August 26, 2016

Pregnant? Top Advice You Need To Cut The Cost On Items For Your New Baby!

Having a baby is an expensive time for a couple. You head out to the store and spend thousands of dollars on items for your newborn. But it can leave parents to be broke before the baby has arrived. In fact, the average couple spends over $2000 on their nursery set up! Here is some top advice to cut costs on items for your new baby, so that you aren’t broke before they even arrive.

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Make items yourself

I love making handmade items as it’s something unique that you won’t find in stores. Not only is it original, but it can also save you a lot of money. Therefore, why not make your baby some handmade clothes. A pair of handmade cute booties or hat will likely get even more compliments than clothing you buy from the baby store. You can also make them a handmade crochet jumper and bib. It will save you money and gives you something to do while waiting for the arrival. In addition to this, you could even make your baby’s toys! All you need is some boxes and wrapping paper to make a toy your infant will love. After all, some bright colors and textures will keep them more entertained than an expensive toy! Just make sure you avoid using anything which could put your child in danger!

Stick to essential items

You will be surprised to know that most parents to be buy items that they never end up using with their little one. They see something that looks amazing on the television or in magazines and purchase it. But in reality, it isn’t actually something you necessarily need for your baby. In the end, you will have items you have never used worth a lot of money in your nursery. Therefore, stick to essential items that you do need for your little one. The top items you should concentrate on purchasing for your newborn is baby cots, a changing unit, and a pushchair. That way, you will cut costs on non-essentials.

Go to sales and events

There are so many events on in your area for moms to be where you will find low-cost items that are essentials for your little one. You can look online to find the local events and pop along to find some great bargains. Also, look online to find out when stores have sales on. That way, you may end up getting a fantastic deal on an item which is now half the price!

Consider buying second-hand

An easy way to cut costs is to buy second-hand items for your little one. Ask around friends to find items they may have for sale that they used with their child. You might get a great item for a low price. You can also go to yard sales or look online on sites like eBay to find great second-hand items for your child. Just remember to avoid buying bedding and the car seat second-hand to keep your child safe.

Buy in bulk

You can save a lot of money by buying your little one a lot of items all at once. It will often lead to a great deal if you spend over a certain amount. Therefore, buy in bulk items that you know you will need a lot of such as diapers and formula. If you are buying online, it’s worth spending more so that you are entitled to free delivery. You can check in stores to see if they have any deals on if you spend over a certain amount. That way, you know how much to fill up the trolley to save money!

Sign up for product reviews and samples

If you are prepared to write some product reviews, you can often get some great free samples. You might try something which is good for your baby, so then you can go and buy more! As this feature explains, you can also get free samples if you are prepared to submit your email address. Unfortunately. it does mean you might get a ton of emails.

Create a baby gift list

Your family and friends are bound to be asking you for ideas of what they should be buying for the new baby. To ensure you get everything you need without breaking the bank, create a baby gift list you can send to family and friends. They then get ideas of what you would like for the little one, and it also saves you having to buy items!

Remember to go for items with double uses, so that you can save some money by not having to buy separate items.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Selling Up? Consider These Value-Adding Renovation Projects First

Have you got plans to sell your home? Are you desperate to get the best price? If there’s no hurry to move, and you want to add value, here are some renovation projects you may want to consider first.

Extending your home
If you have time and money, adding an extension to your home will boost the value significantly. When you increase the size of the house, you’ll also make it appealing to a wider range of buyers. A simple 2-bedroom home could suddenly become a very attractive prospect for a family looking for three bedrooms and a spacious kitchen. If you’re thinking about extending, the size and shape of the plot will usually dictate the best location. In some cases, it’s best to build on the side of the house, but usually, adding rooms at the back is the best option.

Home extensions require careful planning. You’ll need the professional advice of building firms and architects. You may also need to apply for permission to alter the size of the property. Once you’ve had your plans approved, work can begin. Major structural work must be carried out by experienced builders, but there are jobs you can do to save time and money. Look into compactor hire and call in favors from friends and relatives. You can help with clearing, general laboring, and decorating once the bricks and mortar are in place.

Updating your kitchen
The vast majority of buyers view the kitchen as the most important room in the house. If your kitchen is small or dated, it’s worth investing money in it before any for sales sign go up. You don’t have to spend a lot on a kitchen to add value and attract more buyers. Update the units, swap the floor and give the walls a lick of paint. If the kitchen is cramped, go for light shades and add a mirror to the wall. If it’s possible, you could alter the layout of your reception rooms. Knocking a wall through could open up the space, enabling you to create a large kitchen-diner.

Adding an attic room
If you’ve got an attic sitting there doing nothing, this is an excellent opportunity to maximize your profits. Loft conversions are a fantastic way to create more space and make your house more marketable. You could add a bedroom and an en suite, or make a home office or design studio. Before you make any solid plans, get some quotes. It’s also a good idea to contact real estate agents to see how much a conversion could add. You can then work out the expected profit margin.

If you’re selling, renovations are probably the last thing on your mind. However, sometimes it pays to spend a little money doing your home up and making it more attractive to potential buyers. If you have time, and you’re not desperate to sell immediately, have a think about the suggestions above. Making changes could boost your profits and ensure a faster sale when your home goes on the market.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hidden Holiday Secrets: The Glorious Land of Malaysia

With a world as huge and diverse as this one, it can often seem like we all cluster around the same places. The holiday snaps and Instagram uploads tend to look the same. Paris; Rome; Barcelona; beaches from a variety of countries. There's the occasional gap year flit to Thailand, but otherwise, the East is overlooked by the western traveler. It's a real shame, given how much it has to offer. We’re going to focus on Malaysia, because frankly, someone should be.
This at least is the case if you take the package holiday as offered by most package operators, but it doesn't need to define holidays. If you know where to go, you can find trips that educate, entertain and leave you so enthralled that you can't wait to return. The usual resorts may have things that they lack but look further afield. If you want a holiday that offers all the above, Malaysia is a real contender.

Mount Kinabalu
For the active holidaymaker, this is a destination that rewards your adventurous side. You don't need to be a mountaineer or have a team of Sherpas to help you climb it, but it is a good workout. Kinabalu is Malaysia's tallest mountain - it takes a few days to climb to the top. You can camp out and practice your smore cooking skills, all while enjoying truly spectacular views.
Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
For anyone with an interest in nature, the Bird Park in Malaysia's capital has plenty to keep you interested. It is, in fact, the world's largest walk-in bird park. Covering nearly 21 acres, it is home to nearly 3000 birds of 200 different species. As well as local breeds, there are also rare, exotic birds and two separate free-flight zones. This allows you to see the birds in their most natural habitat.
Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
Located at Petaling Jaya, the Sunway Lagoon theme park is ideal for people who enjoy thrills and spills. Well, not too many spills, hopefully! With attractions for wildlife lovers and Asia's first Nickelodeon theme park, there are diverse joys for any kids you might be travelling with - and big kids at heart. And for the thrill-seekers, there's also the most adventurous water park in Malaysia. Along with the Extreme Park and Scream Park, there's enough to keep everyone amused.
Bukit Bintang
For everyone on holiday, there does come a time when you just want to hit the shops and enjoy the city life. If that's what you're after, Kuala Lumpur's main shopping district will serve admirably. Countless diverse malls cater to every interest, from fashion to food and from gadgets to gold. You'll want to use your time well so as to enjoy the restaurants in the evening, so be prepared for long days soaking up the wonders.
Making the most of your Malaysian holiday means thinking about what appeals to you as a family. Put together your itinerary and you'll find there's something here for everyone.
xoxo, Therese


Monday, August 15, 2016

Travelling To America? Don't Forget These Important Things


America is a wonderful place to visit. With such diverse landscapes, climates and things to do, each different state is like a different holiday within itself. That probably explains why over half of Americans don’t own a passport- there’s so much to do just on American soil! However if you’re from outside the US and are planning a visit, there are a few things to consider first. Planning a trip to the US? Don’t forget these important things.
Phone Your Bank
Most banks don’t require you to tell them you’re travelling, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a quick ring beforehand. Transactions from abroad might get flagged as fraud leading to a block on your account. At least make sure your bank has your up to date contact details in case they need to verify anything while you’re away.
Get Your Visa Sorted
The 'Electronic System for Travel Authorization' (ESTA) is used to decide whether visitors are permitted to enter America. It was set up after the attacks on September 11th, in order to stop undesirable citizens of Visa Waiver Program countries from entering. It's a web based system, most people are granted access within a few seconds although it's recommended to get it all set up three days before you're due to fly. In order to travel to America, it’s absolutely essential to get your Visa through this system first so go to
Find The Right Travel Insurance
Make sure you choose your travel insurance well. It all depends what you’re going to be doing on your trip, for example things like Trek America and skiing holidays will require an additional level of cover. It’s important not to choose the cheapest you can find, instead look through everything really carefully and know exactly what you are covered for. Hopefully nothing happens while you’re away and everything runs smoothly, however you can’t just take that risk. If you do need to make a claim and aren’t properly covered, you could end up with huge medical bills and other expenses to pay
Get Your Vaccinations Up To Date
You won’t need any specific vaccinations when travelling to Northern America, however you should make sure your regular immunizations and boosters are all up to date.These include the vaccines required for occupational risk of exposure, lifestyle risk and underlying medical conditions. You don’t need a yellow fever certificate and the risk of diseases like malaria does not pose a problem, but ensuring you’re in good health with your own personal immunizations up to date is important.
Once all of the paperwork and boring stuff is out of the way, you’re free to do the fun stuff and start planning your trip! Whether you’re planning on winning the jackpot in Vegas, meeting Mickey Mouse in Orlando or lying on a tropical beach in Hawaii, America makes an awesome holiday destination. Have a fun filled and safe holiday.
Which state is your favourite place to go on holiday? Comment down below. xoxo, Therese
Friday, August 12, 2016

Cute and Quirky Ideas For Your Kid's Bedroom

Your child’s room doesn’t have to be boring. Parents will know how important it is to create a bedroom where your little ones can thrive, play and get a good night’s sleep.
Decorating your kid’s bedroom is the ultimate opportunity to go for bold! Take the perfect chance to put down the magnolia and go wild with color and fun! Let the creativity begin...
We’ve found our top five awesome ideas that’ll make your kid’s bedroom the talk of the playground.
1. Cozy up in a Tee-Pee
What was better than creating a den when you were a child? Tee-Pees are a great idea for any children’s bedroom. They take up less floor space than a conventional tent, making them a small and cozy place to sit. You can add a little magic to your tee-pee by adorning it with fairy lights, cushions and soft blankets. Just make sure there’s space in there for you too…

2. Theme it up!
Themed rooms are a great way to add a personal touch to your home . Do you have a budding Sports Star in your family? Does your little one love fairy tales or books? Create a room they’ll talk to all their friends about! It can be easy and cost-effective to make a room that they’ll love. By simply adding a green vinyl floor and adding off-cuts of astro turf to room accessories, you’ll have a pad fit for any soccer enthusiast.


3. Get the lighting right.
Although you want to create a bedroom that’s fun and vibrant, you also want a place where your child can relax and get a good night’s sleep. By using mood lighting, you can relax your child’s energetic brain and sooth them to sleep. Many mood lights in the marketplace come with additional sound features, so your kid can listen to relaxing natural sounds until they reach the land of nod. These can include ocean sounds, lullabies and many more. Zzzzz…


4. Stop the light with blackout blinds.
Just like mood lighting, can be really effective in enabling your kid, and the rest of your family, to get a good night’s sleep. This is especially important in the summer months because when the sun is strong, it can be difficult to maintain a regular bedtime. Likewise, if your kid is sensitive to outside lights, blackout blinds prevent car and street lights from entering their room. Blackout blinds will make sure your child gets a full night of rest, ready for tomorrow’s play sessions.  


5. Make storage fun.
If you often yelp when walking down the stairs due to a misplaced bit of Lego, fun storage containers may be the answer for you! Create containers that make putting their toys away a joy and not a chore.
If you have the space, why not ask a local carpenter to build you a Ferris-Wheel with miniature storage buckets? Your kids can give their teddies a ride, as well as tidying up their bedroom. Perfect!


Here are some ideas on how to perk up your kids bedroom. What your favorite? Comment down below.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Great Groupon Gifts For The Home

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Home is where the heart is. Everyone wants to make their house a home, with that being said we do our best to make it the cozy, warm and inviting to everyone that sets foot in it. A simple item can change the mood in our home.

Here are some items I found in Groupon Goods that are perfect gifts for the home.

Curtains - Whether its a hot summer day or a cold winter evening, blackout panels are a great way to keep your house temperature controlled. Its a nice addition to your home since they come in various colors that suits your decor.

Aromatics - A nice scent is definitely a plus for setting a mood for your home. It can relax, energize and calm the people inside the home especially with the use of essential oils. 

Cozy Pet Beds - Its natural for us humans wanting the best bed for ourselves. But its also essential that our fur babies have a good nights sleep. A pet bed with high quality and durable materials will definitely make them super cozy and relaxed. 

Here are just some items that I think would be a nice addition to any home. Not only that they are useful and will make your home a lot more cozy, they are also affordable. 

What items do you like most? Feel free to comment down below!

For more deals and great items check out the Groupon website and their social media pages.