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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Taking The Leap & Moving Abroad For The Job Of A Lifetime

Have you always had a dream job, a role that you would give anything to land? What would you do if it was offered to you, with the only catch being that you had to move abroad to be able to take it - would you accept the role? The fact is, if a career opportunity of a lifetime came your way, you couldn’t turn it down - you would be mad to do so, even if it did mean moving abroad.

With that in mind, below are some tips and pieces of advice for preparing to move abroad after accepting the job of a lifetime. It may be a daunting prospect - moving overseas - but if it’s for a job that you will love, then it’s worth it. Read on for everything that you need to know to prepare to move abroad and make your career aspirations a reality.


Give yourself plenty of time

Negotiate yourself plenty of time. Ideally, you want to negotiate a period of at least six to eight weeks before you will start your new role so that you are able to tie everything up at home and prepare yourself properly for your move. From visas and travel documents to pets and property, there’s a lot that you will need to sort out, which is why rushing the process isn’t a good idea.

Sell your home / give your notice

If you rent your home from a landlord, give your notice right away to ensure that you don’t have to pay once you have moved out. If you own your home, consider your options. You could choose to rent it out to cover the cost of your mortgage, or you may prefer to sell up - it’s up to you. If you do decide that selling up is the best option for you, research for companies that state ‘we buy houses and that offer quick sales for good prices. Finding a buyer yourself will most probably take too long, which is why selling your home to a company could be worth considering.

Find somewhere to live

The next step is to find somewhere to live in the new country that you are moving to. You may be offered a property with your role, which will make the moving process a little easier. However, if this isn’t the case, then you will need to take the time to find one. Browse online, do virtual tours of different places, and pick somewhere that’s affordable, is in the right area, and is situated in a nice neighborhood.

Pack up your life

Once you’ve found somewhere to live abroad, all that’s left to do is pack up your life. Pack anything that you want or need to take with you into boxes that are travel-friendly. Anything that you can’t take or won’t need, pack up and store. Or, if storing it will be too expensive, consider selling your unneeded items.

There you have it, your guide to taking the leap and moving abroad for the job of a lifetime. It might be a daunting process, but moving overseas for a job that you have always dreamed of landing is more than worth the stress and hassle.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Home Renovations: What You Want versus What You Can Afford

There is a moment during any home renovation projects when what you envisioned in your mind has to become a reality. It’s the moment when you have to pause, think through what you’ve been imagining - and that’s when the problems tend to start. It doesn’t take long before you realize the room makeover you’re imagining is very different indeed to the one that you can afford.

Coming to terms with your financial situation and how it’s going to impact the finished result you have been imagining is never an easy process. Unless you’re a millionaire with money to burn, you’re probably going to find yourself having to make do with what the money will stretch to. While it’s tempting to immediately go looking for a 1000 dollar loan to paper over the difference between what you want and what you can afford, in reality, that’s not always going to be possible.

So how can you still get the renovation that you want, without feeling like you’re somehow having to shortchange yourself?

1) Focus On One Area That Matters

If you are renovating an entire room, then trying to afford everything that you want is going to cause you to run out of money before you even begin. While you might want the very best of everything, if you’re going to make your finances stretch, then you’re going to need to be more selective.

So try and pick one part of the renovation that is the most important to you. Do you long for underfloor heating? Is it a fireplace that you have been dreaming of? Or are you desperate to change the wall color? If you pick and prioritize just one area, then you can do exactly as you please with that aspect, and trim corners elsewhere.

2) Accept A Slower Renovation

If you truly want to make sure you have the best of everything, no shortcuts, for your renovation, then your best option is to renovate at a much slower pace. Obviously this is not ideal, but it will give you the chance to invest more money as you pass more paydays, and thus guarantee the result you want.

This can actually work out better in the long run, as you won’t feel the need to redo the renovation in a couple of years time because you dislike all the compromises that you made.

3) Try Second-Hand Items

If you’re really wanting to save yourself some money, then opting to purchase second hand items can make a big difference to your overall bill. While it’s not quite the shiny new creation you might have been dreaming of, it nevertheless will have the same overall effect - you can even call it vintage if it makes you feel better about it!

Second hand charity shops and reclaim yards have got plenty to offer when it comes to finding good quality, pre-loved items - so don’t be afraid to shop around until you find something you’re happy with.

So while you might not be able to afford the entire, lavish renovation of your dreams, the ideas above should give you a good insight into what might be possible - no matter what your budget.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Road To Rediscovery

Have you ever thought about a time in your life where you felt like a different person to who you are right now? There are a few times in your life you could think that it’s the right time to find yourself, and one of those times is the breakdown of a marriage. It’s the signal of the end of a relationship and the legal severing of ties between a man and wife. It’s a sad time, one that is sometimes filled with grief and bitterness. However, it doesn’t have to be. People grow up together and in some cases, grow apart – it’s natural and when that happens you have to be able to pick up the pieces and make the best of it. The biggest struggle for most people is the challenge of finding themselves again.

To be able to rediscover who you are by yourself, you need peace. This will come after a period of grieving; even if the split was your idea! You may grieve for what should have been instead of what was, and that’s completely natural. One you’ve gone through the grieving process and getting used to living alone again, you can find peace. Activities like this that you can throw yourself into to stay busy are crucial as part of your rediscovery, but you also need to balance relaxation with it. Treating yourself to massage or yoga classes and even a holiday can help you to breathe in some new air and feel at peace.

For many, the choice to divorce comes at the end of a very long road trying to get back on track. In the unfortunate cases, it’s inevitable to have papers filed and meetings with firms like Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins in place to hash out the finer details. Once it’s done and finalized, you may feel like you can start to move forward in a new chapter of your life. When you fall in love, you give your spouse pieces of you. It’s not intentional most of the time, but the loyalty that you feel and the way you shape yourself to fit them can mean losing little parts of who you are. You build yourself next to somebody over the years in a marriage and when that part of your life ends – whatever the reason – it can feel like going back to the starting gates in the game of life. Even if children don’t factor in your relationship, you can still feel like you have lost yourself. Flipping the negativity in a relationship breakdown on its head and looking for the positive can help you to learn how to grab your own life back with both hands.

It’s very important that you reconnect with the person you always were. Meeting new people and relationships pull you in different directions, so you have to ask yourself who you are. Yes, this may be difficult as regardless of the person you were with, you are still older and still wiser than before. But what hobbies or habits have you let go of because life just got too busy? Ask yourself what you like to do and what you enjoy. Even decide to embark on one of your many bucket list items to get you back into the world. Learn that foreign language and travel that city you’ve been desperate to see. Throw yourself back into the shoes of the person you left behind and make yourself feel whole again. Rediscovery comes from re-connection and being able to make your soul sing again.

It’s important that while you are on your path to rediscovery, you try to stay away getting involved in a new relationship. Complicating your feelings by jumping into a new thing with someone else can prevent you from understanding what YOU want from life. Connect with new people, make some new friends, but keep love to one side if you can possibly manage it. You need to love you – and this takes a good deal of time. Of course, you may have been unhappy for a while, or perhaps you stayed in a boring routine out of pure obligation. However, you owe it to yourself to rediscover who you are without the pressures of a new relationship to conform to. Challenge yourself to spend a year with yourself. Go within your own thoughts and wants and reach into who you’ve always wanted to be. Signing up for new college courses can factor here, as you only need to please yourself!

Self-development tools like this and continued talk therapy can help you to break through the insecurities and upset you may feel while you understand what you want from life. You may be one of the lucky ones who comes through a divorce relatively unscathed. The beauty of that is that moving on isn’t such a difficult task and you can feel whole and contented relatively quickly after the Decree Absolute. The thing is, even when you feel like it’s been an easy break, there still may be unresolved insecurities that talk therapy can help you work through and find inner peace.
One of the biggest parts of rediscovering who you are, is the moment that you realize you can breathe again. Your values that you’ve always held but may have squashed down can come to the surface again. The music or the films that you love can be turned up loud and shouted across your home. You are only accountable for your own happiness, and that kind of freedom can feel like a release. Letting go of anything that prevented you from being who you want to be can feel as if a weight has come off your shoulders.

Finally, your road to rediscovery will not be an easy one. Working through your tangled emotions and fixing yourself financially and practically will all be done at the same time. Having a solid support system in friends and family can help to keep you upright and pushing forward, even on the days where all you want to do is curl up and cry. It’s very important to put yourself first and love who you are as an independent person. Your period of rediscovery is now and your life has just begun.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Top Tips For Planning & Saving For Home Renovations

If you have got plans for your dream home, then it can be tempting to want to make renovations or changes as soon as possible. But unless you have just won the lottery, it is going to take a while to save enough money to get your home looking as you want to. So here are some tips to save you time, money, and hassle on your next project around the house.


Consider Long-Term Cost Implications

Even if you have planned for your home improvements, it can end up costing more than you want it to. You need to plan and budget very closely for any projects that you have planned. You should also think about how things will be after the project is finished. It might be hard to imagine, but will there be much upkeep for the new project? Something like a conservatory can be a great addition to the home. But people often forget about the upkeep of it, from keeping the windows clean inside and out, as well as repairing any broken windows. So you should save and budget for things like that, or you might need to look somewhere like Snappy Payday Loans to cover the costs. There is long term financial implications of works around the house that we don’t often consider, as we get too caught up in the process.

Do It Yourself

One of the biggest costs when it comes to home repairs is the cost of labor. Paying someone's wages essentially, as they fit your new kitchen or tile and replace your driveway. So if you can cut the costs down by doing it yourself, or at least doing some of it yourself, can be quite a significant saving. Some things need professionals in, like electrics and plumbing, but other things like painting and decorating can easily be done yourself; all you need is a little time and know-how. There are many tutorials on YouTube, for example, if you need help on how to paste your wallpaper.

Get Lots of Quotes

For the work that you need a professional to do, you need to gather a number of quotes. At least three is a good number of quotes to get. Then you know if they are all offering a similar amount. If it varies quite widely, then it would make sense to go with the cheaper option, providing they can offer you good quality workmanship too.

Don’t Rush It

There can be a tendency to rush into home repairs or renovation when you shouldn’t be doing that. Take your time with the plans, as well as with the actual process. Some parts might have to be done in stages, as and when you can afford them, and that is quite alright. Taking your time for home renovations can mean that you have plenty of time to plan the next stage and you don’t rush into any decorating decisions that you might regret (or that could end up costing you a lot).

Home renovations can be expensive and time consuming. With proper planning and budgeting you can save money and put it towards other things. What are your tips in saving money for home renovations? Comment down below!


Don't Let Your Home Eat At Your Savings

If you’ve ever looked at your bills and seen the outgoing numbers increasing, it might be time to think about where all of your money is going. Usually people try to save money by limiting the amount they spend outside the house. They start favoring home-cooked dinners instead of eating in restaurants, watch films at home instead of going to the movies, and they start working out at home instead of paying for a gym membership. However, if the expenses are still too high, then it might be your house that is eating away at your savings. Here are a few ways you can stop that from happening.  
Shop smart
Buying groceries on a budget is a struggle for a lot of people for various reasons. The best thing you can do to keep your food bills low is to find ways to reduce the amount of waste you throw away each week. Fortunately, there are several more ways to reduce your food bill each week, including shopping for cheaper store brands, buying non-perishables items in bulk, or sticking to a shopping list. You can also save money on food by avoiding takeaways, packing a lunch to take to work, or freezing your leftovers to eat them later. Wherever you can, take advantage of discounts, special offers, or coupons. You can find a lot of coupons in the Sunday paper, and if you use them regularly it will far exceed the cost of the paper. If your local supermarket has a weekly circular, take one and make a note of their weekly discounts.
Cut down your bills
Even if you pay your bills yearly, you can find ways to cut down how much you pay for water, energy, and wifi every month. The first thing you can do is check whether your energy providers are really giving you the best deal for your money. Look at how much you’re currently paying, then do some research into other providers. Of course, they will all have enticing joining discounts, but it’s worth checking if they will give you a better deal once you’ve been with them longer than a year. Another solution is to go green. Start by switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, unplugging all appliances you’re not using, and insulating your home so you don’t need to turn up your thermostat as much. Doing these small things can reduce your energy consumption, saving you money on your bills each month and helping the environment.  

Sometimes the best way to save money is by doing little things by yourself. When things break around the house, try doing your own home repairs; blocked sinks, leaky faucets, and holes in the wall should be easy enough for any novice to handle once they’ve consulted internet guides. Doing minor repairs yourself can keep your home in good condition for longer, putting off the need for a handyman. However, you should remember to call a professional if things appear to be above your level of expertise.

Your safe haven shouldn't eat your savings account. Try these tips so you can save funds for more important things.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hacks That Will Help You Side Step Credit Card Debt

Sadly, an average wage never goes far enough, especially when you have a family. So, people turn to credit cards in their time of need for an extra stream of revenue. For the most part, everything goes well until the inevitable honeymoon period ends and the costs start to stack up. And, when this happens, the user gets saddled with a mountain of debt. Does this sound familiar? If it does, it will put you off applying for a credit card for the rest of your life. However, it is possible to avoid the obvious dangers if you follow the advice underneath.

Don’t Carry A Balance

Almost everyone that has ever had a card will run a balance at some point in time. However, it is essential that this only happens when you have no other option and not as a routine. Quite simply, not paying off the amount you have borrowed is how you end up getting stung by the high-interest rates. Thankfully, debt advisors suggest a simple fix: pay it back in full at the end of every month. Then, there is no reason to have to worry about APR and any other interest that is applicable.

Keep An Eye On The Promotion Period

Companies like to offer discounts that lure people in, such as 0% interest for the first twelve months. For one whole year, the balance never incurs a penalty so interest isn’t a problem. But, that changes when the grace period ends and the rate shoots up. When that happens, the potential for falling into debt is very high. Although it seems obvious, you have to keep a check on the promotion and when it ends. Lots of people take the deal and spend like there is no tomorrow, and then wake up to an extortionate bill.

Shop Around For Better Offers

The offer that you have in the beginning isn’t the only one that you are entitled to. Lots of companies have deals, and they are ready to offer them to you as long as you fit the criteria. Now, it is a good idea to be careful because you never know what the fine print will say. Still, there is nothing wrong with exploiting an offer if you are confident it suits your needs. For example, a person with a card that is about to accrue interest can swap the balance. It's a no-brainer as long as there is no charge for the transfer and the rate of interest isn't as high.

Use It Sparingly

Finally, don’t unsheathe your credit card the first chance you get. Usually, your current account will have enough to cover the cost of most purchases, so there is no need to use the credit. Plus, paying with a debit card makes you think twice about the purchase because you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily. A good tip is to use it for large amounts or to structure the payments.

Hopefully, these tips will help you limit the damage that a credit card can cause.


Does Divorce Really Have To Be Fuelled By Hate? (Hint: No It Does Not)

It’s one of life’s harshest realities, but a large percentage of relationships break up. Depending on the studies you read, divorce rates could be anything from one in four to one in two. Couples can fall apart for many different reasons and, for many people, the natural pathway is one fuelled by hatred. After, giving up on someone that you love seems a lot easier when you learn to hate them. Or at least that’s the theory.
In reality, though, feelings of mutual hatred can make divorce even messier. It doesn’t need to be that way, and here’s why.
Better For You
There’s no point in sugarcoating the fact that divorce is going to hit you hard. However, staying civil will help your heart. Not only will it enable you to gain closure and appreciate the good things that came out of the marriage. But it’ll also enable you to move on with the rest of your life far sooner.
It’s slightly different if you were in a dangerous relationship. If, like most divorcing couples, you simply drifted apart, you still want each other to be happy. Just because it won’t be with each other, that shouldn’t be an excuse to hate each other. While you’re not going to be close friends, being polite to each other is advised.
Better For The Kids
Divorce is naturally a little tougher when children are involved. If you let your hatred get the better of you, a child custody lawyer can use it against you. More importantly, though, you need to stay amicable for the sake of the kids.
Both parents should form a united front when breaking the news to their kids. It will be a big blow for them to take, but children are resilient. As long as they know that they are loved by mommy and daddy, they will be just fine.
Better For The Extended Family   
When you get married, you don’t just take on a partner. You take on their entire family, and you will inevitably make friendships along the way. Those bonds can become jeopardized by a bad breakup. If you stay on civil terms with your ex-partner, though, there’s nothing to stop those links lasting.
There’s still a very good chance that the two families will cross paths at various times in the future. Whether it’s at parties, graduations, or other events doesn’t matter. Knowing that those celebrations can be enjoyed without friction makes life easier for everyone. After all, those friends and relatives don’t deserve to become the victims of your breakup.
The Verdict
When a relationship heads towards its conclusion, there will be arguments. While a little anger is healthy, you can still work together to reach a suitable outcome for everyone involved. Ending this chapter in a positive manner will allow you to start the next in a positive one too. Even if it feels difficult, the benefits of staying civil are clear to see.