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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Mind matters: What you eat is affecting your brain

Does your diet affect your brain? The answer to this question that dates back to the early nineteenth century would be affirmative because nutrition does play an important role in determining how our brain functions. In fact, with the drastic change in our lifestyle and an increasing number of neurological researches over the past few decades, this connection has become quite obvious. Our dietary choices do bring about a direct and long-lasting effect on our brain.

Studies reveal that the brain is the most powerful organ in the human body that functions all the time and never goes to rest.  It works even when you are asleep, which means that it requires a constant fuel supply.  And obviously, it will function best when it gets premium, high-quality fuel.

MeikeVernooij, a professor in epidemiology and radiology at Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands, conducted a study to understand the relationship between food and brain. They questioned more than 4000 adults living in the Netherlands about their diet and analyzed their brain scans over ten years. People who consumed more fruits, vegetables and low volumes of red meat had a larger net brain volume as compared to the ones that consumed junk and greasy foods.

Hence proved, eating well has a direct connection to your mental well-being.

How food ties up with mood?

There is a close relationship between your brain and gastrointestinal tract, which is often termed to be the “second brain” of the human body. Billions of bacteria exist in this GI tract. These bacteria control the production of neurotransmitters (a chemical substance), which transfer messages from the gut to the brain. 

Intake of healthy food triggers the growth of good bacteria. This, in turn, boosts the production of neurotransmitters.

On the other hand, if a person eats more junk and unhealthy food items, their GI tract ends up with inflammation that obstructs the production of good bacteria. The positive state of neurotransmitter production reflects upon your mood; you feel lively and at comfort. However, as the production slows down, you face unreasonable mood swings.

Sugar, in particular, is the major cause of inflammation. It supplies food to the bad bacteria in the GI tract. Although consumption of sugar in small quantities is not harmful, most of us are eating too much of it. According to WHO, only 5 percent of daily caloric intake should come from sugar, but the typical American diet comprises 13 percent calories from sugar.

“Many Americans eat about five times the amount of sugar they should consume,” says NatasaJanicic-Kahric, an associate professor of medicine at Georgetown University Hospital.
 When you adapt to a healthy diet, you face fewer mood fluctuations. It is important to be aware that a diet including junk, greasy and sugary products is not only bad for our waistlines, but it poses an equal amount of trouble for our brain function and emotional state as well. In addition to that, several brain tests conclude that a healthy diet can slow down dementia and help recover from anxiety.

Food for a good mental state

The science of food and mood makes us wonder what we should eat. Mentioned ahead is a list of some food items that you should add in your list of meals. Use a different combination of these foods as per your taste.

Whole foods
The intake of preservatives and food colorings may cause severe depression. On the other hand, if you consume raw fruits and vegetables, you’ll notice an overall happier outlook and an improved ability to stay focused.

Foods that come via plants greatly facilitate with the absorption of blood sugars. The fiber-rich food items include not only fruits and vegetables but also the nutrient-filled items like beans and whole grains. Several dementiatests also endorse the positive impact of fibers on brain tissues.

Fatty acids
According to the research of University of Maryland Medical Center, to prevent degenerative brain conditions, individuals must increase their intake of nuts, seeds, and fish as these substances have a high amount of fatty acids.

Omega-3 is a fatty acid that plays a crucial role in brain development. Therefore, an added supply of these slows down the age-related mental decline and also help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin D
Well-known for being the inflammation fighter, you can obtain this vitamin by exposure to the sun. Nonetheless, if a patient lacks this vitamin, they are recommended supplements by their physician.

It is an essential mineral that brings a notable impact on mental stability and mood of a person. Deficiency of magnesium can hurt the bacteria in your gut and trigger bouts of depression or anxiety. Therefore, ensure that your diet includes almonds, cashews, dark chocolate, spinach, beans, and bananas.

All set to take the wheel?
The first step is to prepare yourself. Are you fed up of your constant mood swings? Do you wish to have a content state of mind? Are you willing to get over the laze and be done with the pending chores? It starts with changing what you have on your plate.

Adding these food items may not be as simple as it sounds. It will take some extra effort at first but the results you will notice will encourage you to stay persistent. Replace small chunks at first such as trading white rice with brown ones. When you are having those sudden pangs of hunger, choose to have a salad of nuts or seeds instead of eating a bag of chips. It boosts up the fiber content in your body that aids digestion process.

For an overall nutritional balance, you must follow the basic rules. That means you’d keep your body hydrated, stay mindful of your caffeine intake and avoid skipping meals. It is quite natural that you won’t be able to make a change all of a sudden. However, you may find it easier if you start step by step. For example, you can add vegetables to your diet at first, then after a few days work on cutting down the sugar intake.

Over time, you will begin to notice the change in your mood that comes from a good diet. And, as your body starts to respond favorably, you’ll find it easier to sustain your energy and increase your focus level throughout the day.

ABOUT Alycia Gordan
Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia

Friday, August 24, 2018

How to increase storage space in a small apartment?

With house prices constantly rising, it’s becoming more difficult than ever to get onto the housing market. In fact, people are waiting now until they are in their 30’s before they make their first purchase. And due to the rising prices, a lot of first time buyers are now choosing to buy an apartment. As discussed in this article from the Independent, they are much cheaper when it comes to bills and maintenance. And you often feel a lot safer and benefit from a brilliant view when it comes to apartment living. However, there is a downfall to buying a small apartment, and that is the lack of space. A lot of apartment owners struggle to find space for all their belongings as there is low storage space. In fact, they end up having to sell items as they just don’t have the room for them. However, it doesn’t have to be the end for your items if you are lacking in space. Here is how to increase storage space in a small apartment.

Make the most of your balcony

One of the top benefits of owning an apartment is the balcony that comes with your new home. However, a lot of people don’t think about using their balcony as a storage area. In fact, they just use it for entertaining. But the balcony is a great area for storage space. For instance, you could consider getting a rattan storage box for your balcony. Not only will this have plenty of space for your items, but it could also be a bench for guests when you’re entertaining. You could also go for a great shelving unit on your balcony. That way, you can store items in boxes and then place them on the shelves. It’s a great idea for those small items that you can’t find homes for. Even though you have storage items on your balcony, you can still make it look beautiful by altering the features of your juliet balcony such as attractive glass clamps from Balustrade Components which will make it an ideal area for dining while being a great storage area at the same time.

Opt for furniture with hidden storage

When it comes to choosing furniture for your apartment, you should go for items which have hidden storage. For instance, if you are choosing a new sofa for your place, you should pick one which has drawers underneath the sofa. That way, you can pull these out when you need them and fill them up with necessities such as DVDs and books which you might need in the room. That way, you have increased storage without having to do any major changes in the room. You can also get individual chairs which have hideaway storage in the sides or underneath the cushions. It’s not just the lounge where you can place multi-purpose furniture. You can go for a bed which pulls up to give you a ton of storage space underneath. That way, you can fill the area with sheets, nightwear and towels that you can have easy access to. It’s a great way to have storage without having to buy extra furniture for the room. A lot of students go for these beds as it’s a great place for all their essential study items. The headboard can also be a surprising storage area as you can see in this article by Huffington Post. As you can see in the picture, it has been hollowed out to create a great area for all your books and magazines. That way, you can have a read before you hit the land of nod.

Use the vertical space in your flat

When it comes to storage in your flat, you need to think upwards rather than just using the floor space. After all, you will find you can get a lot of extra storage space by using the walls in your small apartment. As this article from Life Storage describes, shelves are a cheap idea which will give you a lot of extra room for your belongings. You can add these in the bedroom above the main bed to put your items. Or you could even place them in your bathroom above the door trim so you have a great amount of space for towels and all your body products. Using the wall space leaves you that essential space you need for the big items in your flat. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Protective Motorcycle Gear for Women

There are various women who indulge in motorcycle riding as a sport or just for fun. In this case, whether a beginner or a professional motorcycle rider, protective gear is a must-have factor in both cases. There are various benefits that come with having protective gear such as to help avoid sustaining serious injuries during an accident, all-season jackets that help with body temperature regulation, enabling riders to become visible to other motorists and avoid a collision. Thus, as a motorcycle rider, ensures that they have the sufficient requirements for maximum safety. 

But how do you select the best riding gear?

Women have different body shapes and sizes. So, knowing your body’s figure is the first step in determining the right protective gear. This is especially important in riding jackets and pants.

The next thing involves checking the quality of the gear and even more so, the ratings of the seller. This enables you to purchase quality products.

Finally, check on your preference to a seller and the comfort and reliability of the wholesome package, Comfort and reliability allowing you to navigate through with your motorcycle at great speeds without worrying about any serious wounds in the case of an accident.

Types of women’s riding gears

There are various categories in the riding gear for women. These include items such as helmets, jackets, and boots, riding pants, gloves, suits, armor and more.

1. Helmets
In some countries, riding without a helmet is a form of crime and is illegal. In America, riders are even required to have a DOT-approved sticker on their helmets. Find a helmet that fits the shape and size of your head perfectly. You can find here the best motorcycle helmets for women.

Helmets are offered at affordable prices can be found at cheap motorcycle helmets.

2. Jackets
Jackets act as a type of shield over vulnerable areas such as the arms, ribs, organs and the back. Thus, riders choose their riding jacket based on safety and comfort. They can either be leather or textile. See motorcycle jackets for women.

3. Pants
There is a significant difference between using a pair of jeans and a pair of riding pants. Riding pants are also found in the form of leather or textile.

Riding boots offer a better support for the sole and thus are suitable as they prevent twisting.

5. Gloves
In motorcycle gloves, the gloves should fully cover the buyer’s hands and fingers all the way to the top.

These are some of the types of women riding gear that are most necessary for a safe and enjoyable motorcycle riding.

To wrap it up, many women are joining the motorcycle world and enjoying riding in and out of their towns. The benefits of riding a motorcycle are numerous. It is also a fun activity thus, finding the right gear items for you can be accomplished on the suggested stores for quality and affordable purchases.
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How do You Maintain Your Finances When You’ve Been Injured?

When you suffer an injury, it can be hard to know where to turn or what to do. You know that you
need to recover and take time to get back to full strength. But at the same time, you need to look
after yourself from a financial point of view. If you don’t do both of those things, you will most likely
suffer repercussions. So how can you maintain your finances and stay on track when you’ve been
injured? It’s time to find out so read on now.

Step Back and Gain Perspective

First of all, you need to take a step back and be realistic about the situation you find yourself. What
you don’t want to do is succumb to is panicking because things aren’t going your way. Yes, this is a
very difficult situation to find yourself in, but if you panic about it, you’re only going to make life
harder for yourself than it already is, and that would be as huge mistake that you shouldn’t want to

Take Legal Action and Seek Compensation

This is something that you most definitely need to look into if you feel that you were injured as a
result of someone else’s fault. They could be responsible for what happened to you, and if that’s the
case, you are perfectly within your rights to take legal action and seek compensation. The Derrick Law Firm will be able to help you with that sort of thing, so talk to them about your options.

Know What You’re Entitled To

You might be entitled to some sort of sick pay or benefits that can help you to stay on top of things
from a financial point of view while you’re recovering from all this. It’s something that you’ll definitely
want to think about because there’s no sense in failing to benefit from something that you know
you’re entitled to. It only makes like more difficult for you if you don’t.

Find Ways to Work at Home if You Can

Working from home while you recover could be one option to really consider while you recover
from your injury. It’s not a solution that’s going to be ideal for everyone out there, but if you can make
it work well for you, you will be able to put yourself in a position where you’re still able to do your
work and earn your money, which is obviously really important.

Cut Back and Live Simply for a Little While

Living a simpler life could be exactly what you need while you recover from your injury. You probably
don’t need to be living the most expensive and luxurious lifestyle possible when you’re trying to
recover from your injury. It’s simply not sustainable to do that, and it won’t help you to really achieve
anything, so cut back and save some money while you can.

You can’t let your injury hold you back and stop you from achieving all the things you know you’re
capable of achieving. Your finances can handle this hit, even if it seems like it’s going to be tough.
Just be sure to make the most of all the tips and ideas that we’ve mentioned here.
Saturday, August 11, 2018

What Sort of Professionals Can Beacon Resources Provide?

What Sort of Professionals Can Beacon Resources Provide?

If your business has job openings, you need to find finance professionals quickly. Skilled employees are the backbone of every company. When you need to hire professionals to keep your operations on track, you may be wondering how Beacon Resources can fulfill your accounting and finance recruiting needs. Here is the kind of talent we can provide for your organization.

Accounting and Finance Staff

Our specialty is finding the best accounting and finance candidates. We consistently fill a wide variety of positions, including:

Accounting Manager
Audit Manager
Cost Analyst
Financial Analyst
Finance Manager
Financial Director
Payroll Manager
Tax Accountant
Technical Accountant

We’re experienced at filling all levels of jobs, from entry-level positions to upper-level executives. Keep in mind that these are only a few examples of the positions we’re capable of filling.

Temporary, Short-Term, and Long-Term

Maybe a staffer that’s been around for years gives you notice that he or she is leaving. Perhaps you simply need some temporary assistance to deal with an influx of demand. Whether you need to fill an interim-to-hire, direct hire, or interim position, we can help. We’ll only connect you with job seekers who are looking for the exact type of position you’re offering. 

Experienced and Talented Candidates

You can be confident in our network of candidates. Our pool of finance and accounting professionals have an average of 10 years of experience. This means the vast majority of our candidates have their careers and skills fully developed. We can provide your company with the top professionals in specific fields. With most of our candidates being top-level executives and middle management professionals, you won’t be disappointed.

If you have a unique position that needs to be filled, we can handle that too. We’ll help you find someone with the exact qualifications and experience you need. Get started with the best finance recruiters in Los Angeles today.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

How to Build Your First Budget

Money, Savings, Piggy, White, Saving Money

Many young people head out on their own without the basic financial skills they need to manage their own money. This lack of budgeting knowledge can lead to poor spending habits, and over time, result in financial troubles.

Fortunately, making a budget is not that hard. You just need to commit to making the budget, know the different points that need consideration, and take the time to do it. Things like choosing a low cost renters insurance plan and making your morning coffee at home are easy ways to start saving. This post will cover the basics of making your first budget.

List All of Your Income

The first step is to determine your total monthly income. For people that work a regular job with a steady income that doesn’t vary, this will be easy. However, many work multiple jobs, and in some cases, have income that varies from month to month. If your income varies from one month to the next, you are going to want to base your budget on the lowest estimate.

Self-employment has been on the rise in the United States. If you earn some or all of your money working as an independent contractor, you need to treat this income differently. When you receive employment income, your employer deducts the taxes for you. For someone that’s self-employed, you will need to make sure to subtract your tax obligations from the income before adding it to your budget.

List Your Expenses

When you total all of your expenses, start with your necessary expenses. This includes things like rent, utilities, transportation costs, insurance, and food. Once you total your necessary expenses, you can then compare them to your overall monthly income to see how much room your have for extras.

Next, you can start looking at your discretionary expenses. This would be things like going out to eat, your entertainment budget, and purchasing things you may want but don’t necessarily need.

When it comes to discretionary expenses, it is important to remember that you do not want to spend the entire difference left over from your income after accounting for necessary purchases. You should try to leave some wiggle room to cover any unexpected expenses or increases in the costs of your necessary spending.

Establish Savings

Savings should be a part of your budgeting process. Many people neglect savings or think they can put it off until the future. However, this is a big mistake. Saving not only helps you to prepare for the future, but it can also make a big difference in the event of an emergency.

As you accumulate savings, you are not going to want to keep this money lying around the house. Instead, you will want to open a savings account. It is important to note that not all savings accounts are equal, and different accounts will work better for different types of people. Take the time to do some research and find the savings account that is right for your lifestyle.

Review Your Budget and Track Your Progress

Once you have your initial budget made, you need to review the numbers. Make sure you didn’t make any mistakes, and check to see if everything adds up. Consider whether you can manage all of your expenses and if there are any areas where you could save or cut your spending.

After your budget is made, you need to continue to monitor your income and expenses to make sure you stay on track. You could do this the old-fashioned way by continually entering income and expenses with pen and paper, or there are personal finance apps that can assist with tasks like budgeting, expense tracking and saving.

With just a few simple steps, you can set up an effective budget that helps prepare you for the future. Take some time to create your own budget and you’ll soon be living comfortably within your means.
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Holiday Adventures to Have with Your Teenagers

Choosing the perfect holiday that both the parents and your teenagers will enjoy is not an easy task.
It can be hard to please the whole family and this is especially true to if you are trying to get away on a budget. However, that does not mean that it is impossible! Here, we are taking you through the
different amazing holiday adventure that you can have with your teenagers.

Combine Temples with Beaches

Sri Lanka is a destination that is on the rise as it the perfect blend of both nature and culture. For
those looking for an adventure, this ticks all the boxes. Head to the World Heritage temples where
you will then find next door an elephant orphanage! It really is a diverse country and there are lots
of other amazing attractions to see here including the tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya, the rock
fortress of Sigiriya and the leopards at the Yala National Park.

Camping in the Canyons

Do you love to go on camping holidays? Then why not take this up a notch with a real camping
adventure in the canyon lands in the south west of America? There are lots of fantastic companies
who can act as your private guide for this type of trip and you can visit a whole bunch of amazing
national parks including the Valley of Fire, Monument Valley, Bruce Canyon and, of course, the one
that we all know, the Grand Canyon! Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trail as you go camping and enjoy lots of other fun activities including horse riding and water sports. You could even round off your trip with a few nights in Las Vegas!

Go Wild with African Animals

For many, an African safari is something that they really want to tick off the bucket list. South Africa is the perfect destination to do this in and you can visit the famous Kruger Park here to take in the sights of Africa’s ‘Big 5.’ However, don’t rule out some of the smaller national parks that South Africa has to offer such as the KwaZula-Natal reserve where you can not only enjoy animal watching but you can also visit the animal conservation centres, go snorkelling, mountain biking and kayaking. If kayaking is an activity you want to get involved in, you can find out what the best pedal kayaks are for your South African trip by reading this article:

Visit One of the Wonders of the World

Iceland has been a major tourist hot spot for the past decade and this is still on the rise as more and
more people discover what this amazing country has to offer. Iceland is known as being the land of
fire and ice as you can enjoy the snowy, wintery weather as well as thermal hot springs and watching geysers explode around the frozen landscape. It really is an amazing sight to see! Other exciting attractions here include going snow mobiling over glaciers and visiting gorgeous waterfalls. You also don’t want to miss out on visiting the Blue Lagoon which is one of the wonders of the world.