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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hop In A Time Machine By Getting Vintage In Your Home

Getting the theme in your home right is one of the best things you can do. Everything slots into place once you know the look you’re after. There are many options out there, and a little research will show you what they are. We’re going to take a look at how to make the vintage look work in your home. We can learn a lot from the generations that came before us. Home decor is no different. Trends come and go, and the same can be said for decoration styles. But, it’s important you know where to find the perfect vintage pieces. This guide should push you in the right direction!


The first stop for your vintage needs should be an auction. There are some beautiful pieces, waiting for discovery. All you need to do is find out where your nearest auction house is. Bear in mind that it’s easy to get carried away at auctions. You find the piece you want and get sucked into a bidding war. Before you know it, you’ve paid well above the odds. One way to avoid this is to set yourself a budget. Whatever you do, don’t go over! It’s also worth finding out what your chosen pieces are worth. Most auction houses allow you to view items before the event. Take the opportunity to research the articles that interest you. Then, you’ll have a better idea of when to stop bidding.


Many people forget that charity shops are a fantastic option for vintage shopping. If you’re looking to stock your home, it might be worth heading to a furniture particular charity shop. There are many out there, but you might need to search for them! If not, you can still find some fantastic pieces in charity shops local to you. Many more people are aware of the value of vintage objects now. For that reason, it may take longer to come across the perfect piece. Even so, it’s worth checking. You never know what you might find!


If you’re after a particular piece, you might need to turn to a company that specializes in vintage furniture. Research to find companies that offer what you need. If you want vintage lighting or furniture, this might be the best option. Buying from specialists also means you can get what you want with little effort. If you don’t have time to visit auctions, this could be a better choice. You can also assure the quality of your pieces this way. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll pay more for this service.


If you fancy a little make do and mend, why not re-purpose your current furniture into a vintage style? To achieve the right image, develop your knowledge of how vintage pieces look. If you think you’re up to the challenge, you could have a lot of fun. You could even mix modern with vintage to create an image unique to you. Who says you have to stick with tradition?

Here are just some ways on how you can add a vintage feel in your home. What is your favorite vintage item in the home? Comment down below!


Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Little Things That Make A Home Come To Life

There’s always something you can do to help make your house feel a little bit more like a home, whether you’ve lived there for a few weeks or a few decades. Homes are more than just the bricks and mortar from which they are constructed: they’re full of memories and conversations that we’ve had with the people we love.

How we use our personal space is, therefore, important. Here are some of the little things that help make a home come to life.

Personal Pictures

Having personal snaps around the house is an excellent way to help a home come to life. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

You could have pictures of the last time your family went on holiday, or you could remember significant events in your life, like your wedding or when you graduated from college.  If you can, try to tell a story with the pictures that you use and remind yourself how far you’ve come. Baby pictures are always a winner.

Stuff You’ve Collected While Travelling

The ancients used to bring home exotic jewelry from far off lands and keep it in their huts. Many of us have the same impulse today. Every time we go abroad we want to bring back some physical memento to remind us of our adventure. Whether it’s beer mats from Barcelona or jewelry from Berlin, there’s always something that captures our attention and comes home with us.

Items from your travels are a great way to spice up the culture of your home and make great talking points when you’ve got friends over for dinner.

Hand-Me-Down Furniture

Hand-me-down furniture is a great way to save money, especially since the price of furniture these days is so high. Plus, you can always say that it’s “vintage” - after all, vintage interiors are in fashion right now. Old furniture is like a piece of history right there in your own home with its own story to tell.

Remember, there’s nothing to stop you from refurbishing old furniture with new drawer slides or a fresh lick of varnish to bring it up to date and make it more convenient.

A Bookshelf

A few years ago it looked as if the whole world would move over to e-books. And although this has happened to some extent, the pace of change hasn’t been as fast as some people imagined. The reason for this is that people still love to give each other physical books for gifts. Because of this, bookshelves are still a thing - and thank goodness. Bookshelves make a beautiful addition to any room if done right. They can be mixed with ornaments and flower pots to create a great backdrop and cover up bare walls. Books can also be piled on top of coffee tables as ornaments to make your home look more studious.

A Spice Rack

Great food always tastes better with the right spices. But many people just shove their oregano and cumin in the cupboard. Kitchens immediately come to life when spice racks are on display.

Its all about the details and with this simple ways you can definitely bring more life to your home. What are your tips on how to make your home come to life? Comment down below.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Keep Your Family In A Safety Bubble At Home

We are always trying to find ways to make our humble abode safer for our family. After all, we don’t want our kids to come into harm's way while they are in the comfort of their own home. Therefore, it’s good to make some changes to ensure they are safe in the property. Here are some ways you can keep your family in a safety bubble at home.

Keep your garden private

Your family might enjoy spending time outside in the garden. And you might not think twice about your privacy while you are out there. But it’s a must that you protect your family while they are in the garden. After all, you don’t know who is peering through seeing your kids in the backyard. And when you go into the home, they could easily lead children away from the yard. Therefore, you need to try and make it as private as possible. For one thing, you need a good sturdy fence which blocks the neighbor’s view of your garden. You can then grow some borders against your fence which will provide extra security. And then make sure you get a good sized veranda for your garden. That way, your family can sit and relax in the area without being viewed by strangers.

Go modern with your security

There are so many options when it comes to security which bypasses the traditional burglar alarm. For one thing, you might want to look into getting a video doorbell for your home. That way, you can check out who is outside of your home without having to sneak a peek through your window. That way, you can ensure you aren’t put in a terrifying situation when you open your front door. Not only this, but you might want to consider some form of automation hub. Not only will it provide your family with WIFI and ability to control your devices, but it’s excellent for safety too. After all, it can lock your windows, turn off the lights and activate video coverage from just the touch of a button. That way, you can keep your family safe while they are inside the house. And it’s perfect for when you are not at home as well. After all, it will switch the lights on for a period which will make it look like you are home. So they won’t be tempted to break into your property. If you look on, you can find some of these useful hubs for your home.

Keep hazardous items away

A lot of kids end up in danger in your home down to hazardous items. You might not have meant to leave them out in your home. But if your child gets their hands on them, they could end up seriously hurt. And then you might end up rushing to casualty. Therefore, always put away items which are potential risks to your kids. These include cleaning items, tools, and medicine which might see your kid getting hurt. You might want to get locks for your cupboards so you can keep them safely away from your child’s clutches!

And remember to get some shutters for your windows. That way, you can ensure no one can see into your home who could potentially harm your family.

Here are just some of the ways on how you can keep your home safe and sound for your family. Share your personal tips on the comment section below.


Sorry! You've Been Structuring Your To-Do List Wrong All Along

No matter how hard your try, your to-do list never seems to get shorter. It's there, nagging at the back of your mind while you try to settle to your latest Netflix binge-watch. "Excuse me?" It demands, nudging at your conscience. "Letters aren't going to write themselves, you know. And as for that pile of admin you've been ignoring..."

So to speak, anyway. If your to-do list was sentient, then there's no doubt it would be a yappity little dog at your feet, hounding you through every minute of the day. It would be the phone notification that you could never silence; the alarm you can't switch off; the sunlight rebounding off your eyes when you've lost your sunglasses. Irritating; unavoidable; persistent.

The problem is not your to-do list, though. This might come as some of a shock, but... it's you. You're the issue. You see, your to-do list is only allowed to be irritating because you've structured it wrong. To labor the metaphor; you've not fed the dog, you've not silenced notifications, you've set the alarm for the wrong time. You need to get it into shape, so it can leave you alone - and you can experience a little productivity for once!

Top of the List

The first items on your to-do list are the essentials. These are the tasks that if you don't complete them as soon as possible, the repercussions are swift. This includes anything with your finances or to do with your work.

You shouldn't need motivating in the conventional sense to items at the top of your list done. The motivation is darker; it's the fear of what happens if you don't get these tasks ticked off. So blitz through them and get the worry settled.

Next Up

Next on the list should be matters of convenience. These are things that are going to make your life more difficult if you don't get them done. It's things like grabbing your snow shifts to clear the drive in bad weather, unblocking a sink or placing a grocery order.

The motivation here is to keep life streamlined. If you procrastinate away from these tasks, your normal life is going to be harder. Your Netflix binge is going to be compromised. You need to clear snow to get in and out of your house, sinks need to drain and you’re going to need popcorn for all the TV watching - so get it done, then you can relax.

The Rest of the List

After these two sections, move on to structuring your to-do list in a "one good/one bad" fashion.

Let's take two examples of tasks you have to do. One: brush the cat - a task you like, as it gives you bonding time with your furry friend. The second is to write a "thank you" note to your Aunt - a task you're not quite so keen on because you never know what to say.

So, bribe yourself. Structure your to-do list so that you have to do the task you don't like (writing to your Aunt), so you can get to one you do like (brushing your cat). You need some self-discipline here to ensure you don't skip tasks, but if you manage it, then doing the things you want is its own reward.


Moving House? Here's How To Be A Model New Neighbor


You've been so focused on packing up your possessions, making sure the movers don't forget anything and learning the route to your new house that you may have forgotten you're leaving. For most people, the realization that they no longer know who lives next door can be somewhat an unnerving one because what if there's an emergency?


Introduce Yourself

Don't let the grass grow! As soon as you're done unpacking it's time to unleash your inner Bree Vreeland, whip up a delicious batch of homemade muffins, or cookies and get to ringing your neighbor's doorbells! In reality, unless you live on Wisteria Lane this isn't going to happen, but you should smile when you see them, say hello if they walk past you in them in the street or invite them in for a cup of coffee if you've struck up a natural conversation. People will be much more likely to include you in block parties, summer BBQ's and even Christmas caroling if you're immediately friendly.

Join Local Schemes

Plenty of neighborhoods have local groups or neighborhood watch schemes that welcome new members. Not only is joining one an excellent way to get a feel for the community, but it’ll also show people living nearby that you're eager to do your bit. They'll warm to you once they see you're making an effort and invites to pub quizzes, pot lunch dinners and even Sunday brunch should start to trickle in. Don't try to integrate yourself too quickly mind; people may be suspicious of someone who seems too willing to help and almost desperate for friends. Why not see if there are signs up with other homes for sale? Or see if any have been sold recently? It won't be nearly as intimidating to knock on the door of a fellow newbie instead of a longtime resident.


Don't Have A Problem Pet

Keep your animals under control at all times and don't let your dog dig holes in other people's gardens by having lax security. If your dog's barking particularly loudly one day, you may want to consider removing it to the other side of the house where your neighbors as less likely to hear it. Better still take them for a lovely, long walk that'll tire them out so they won't make any loud noise. Once you've met a few people, some might tell you they're not overly fond of cats or are scared of dogs. When walking them in public always keep your pet on a leash. If your dog requires one, then use his muzzle and never let him bark loudly, jump up and down or put his front paws on a stranger. If it does happen, apologize and quickly remove your dog from their presence.


Maintain Your Property

You're much more likely to have people stop, smile and chat if your home and garden looks lovely. Neighbors will be pleased that you want to maintain the standards they've set be it by painting your fence, regularly mowing your lawn or keeping rubbish and recycling in their correct containers. Remember, you could surround yourselves with lifelong friends, or bitter enemies and we know which ones we'd rather choose.

Here are just some ways to be a model new neighbor. What are your experiences when you moved to a new home? Comment down below.


Why We Should All Be Eating More Beans and Pulses


Beans and pulses may not seem like the most exciting foods when compared to say a nice juicy steak, but they are little miracles, which if eaten on a regular basis can help you maintain a healthy body and keep your weight in check, and you know what? They taste pretty good too.

If you’re not convinced about adding more beans to your diet, maybe the following benefits of doing so will change your mind:

Cut Your Risk of Obesity

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that individuals who eat beans had a smaller waistline and a 22 percent lower risk of becoming obese than people who did not include beans in their diet. This could be because beans contain a large amount of soluble fiber and this releases slowly, making you feel fuller for longer, and less likely to snack between meals. This also means they are a great food to include in most diets.

Keep regular

Because beans and pulses contain a lot of fiber (one cup of black beans contains 60 percent of your daily recommended allowance), if you eat a couple of pf portions a day, you are high unlikely to have trouble in the toilet department!

Improve Your Iron Levels

Beans and lentils offer a good source of iron, with a single cup of lentils providing you with more than third of your daily requirement. So, if you’re a vegetarian looking to keep your iron levels up, lentils are the way forward.

Cut Your Cancer Risk

A review of the diets of over 90,000 women between the ages of 26 and 46 conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that women who ate at least two portions of lentils and beans each week were 25 percent less likely to develop breast cancer than women who ate them once a month or less. This is probably one of the most compelling reasons to invest in a farberware pressure cooker to help you cook those beans in record times, and make them a daily part of your diet!

Give Your Body’s Enzymes a Boost

Did you know that a single cup serving of adzuki beans contains a third of your daily copper requirement? This is good news because the trace mineral is vital for the proper functioning of many key enzymes, and is important in making connective tissues and producing skin pigment.

Banish Birth Defects

Expecting mothers will be interested to know that beans and legumes contain folate, which is important for helping to prevent the development of birth defects in the womb. Just one cup of lentils contains 90 percent of the recommended daily dose of folate. So, be sure to get your pressure cooker into action at least once a day to help your baby develop in a healthy way!

Lower Your Blood Pressure

One study found that the fiber and protein present in legumes, in particular, can be used to prevent hypertension, or keep it under control if you already suffer from the condition, It also found that legumes were a great way to boost daily nutrient intake in a cheap and affordable way.

Here are just some reasons why we love beans. Not only is it very good for you its also delicious. What kind of beans do you like? Comment down below!


Monday, February 6, 2017

A Luxury Getway To The Sunshine State

With every kind of terrain from deserts to snow topped mountains to white sandy beaches (and everything else in between) it's no wonder that the America makes such an incredible destination to visit. Whether you're from the US originally or elsewhere in the world, with each state being so different it would still take you a lifetime to fully explore. And if you’re planning a trip to Florida you’re in for a real treat- there’s a reason it’s hailed as the ‘Sunshine State’! Whether you want to meet Mickey in Orlando, lie on a beach in Clearwater or party in Miami, here are some of the ways you can make the most of your trip if you want to do it in style.

Stay in a High-End Hotel

There are a whole host of high-end Disney hotels in Orlando to stay in if you’re traveling with children or are just a Disney fan. Alternatively, there are plenty of more grown up choices too. There are number of Ritz- Carlton and Four Season hotels, as well as independent hotels and resorts. Have a think about the kind of thing you’re after. Do you want shops, pools and everything else on the resort or right on your doorstep? What kinds of views do you want to see? What kind of amenities are you after? If you book private transportation services, you will be taken a right from the airport to your hotel which can help keep everything running smoothly.

Fly In a Helicopter

There’s no better way to see any destination than from above, and Florida is no exception. With palm fringed white sandy beaches and blue oceans, wherever you fly over Florida will give you incredible views. A helicopter ride is thrilling adventure, and will give you memories to last a lifetime. It’s definitely something to consider if you want to make your luxury trip extra special.

Hire a Yacht

If the sea appeals more than flying through the air, hiring a luxury yacht is the perfect way to go. Cruising along the shores and ocean allows you to see destinations across Florida in an completely different way. There are a wide range of companies offering boat hire so finding a vessel won’t be an issue. Whether you’re planning on throwing a boat party or just want to spend a relaxed weekend on the ocean, this is one way to experience Florida.


Swim With Dolphins

Florida’s location and climate makes it the ideal place to interact with a wide range of different wildlife species. Dolphins are particularly popular and there are many places you can swim with these majestic creatures in Florida. For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but either way, it’s something you’re never likely to forget! You could visit the Miami Seaquarium for this, or look at the swimming with dolphin packages at Key Biscayne. You could go to Discovery Cove in Orlando, or book a dolphin experience at Key West. Most destinations in Florida will offer this.

Here are just some ways on how you can have a memorable luxury vacation. What other ways do you think will make a vacation over the top? Comment down below.