Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is one of my favorite tourist spot in Beijing.  Its a very calm and relaxing place previously enjoyed by the emperor and his family only. It has been recently changed into a park open to the public for just a minimal fee. 

This place is treasured by the Chinese royalties back in the day. They have this man made lake built so that they have a place to relax during the summer season when the place temperature is not tolerable.

This place is filled with pagodas and bridges. There are actually quite a few and one of the most famous bridge is the 17 arch bridge. 

as you can see its packed but not as crazy like Forbidden City though. You will be greeted by many tiger sculptures on this bridge as well. photo below is one of the primary statues and the map of the Summer Palace.

Pagoda adjacent to the 17 arch bridge

Ticket prices are posted outside. and good thing they also have it in english. you can pay for the places you wanted to see, but unfortunately for us we didnt see MOST of the place.

I love this place since its not crowded and its rather relaxing. I would rather dedicate a whole day just to be able to fully enjoy the place. There are spots that i would love to visit but its not gonna fit i our itinerary like the Buddhist incense tower. when we visit beijing again we will definitely explore this place more. Maybe during summer when the fog is not heavy,

Thats it for this post. i hope you enjoyed it!

more information about the summer palace HERE