Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TRAVEL DIARY: Camiguin Vacation Day 2 (Part 1)

So this is the continuation of my very unfortunate day 1 tour in Camiguin but this is the BEST part of the vacation! A WHOLE DAY TOUR! YES YES YES!!!  let me share to you guys some of the photos of the trip.. 

There are a lot of places to see in the small island of Camiguin. If you like to go on a hike you can! But for some reasons me and my husband are not into hiking. So we decided to just avail of a tour for just Php 1500 we are given the options to choose what spots we wanna visit. so you will see the pictures in a two part post..

the first place that we visited is the SUNKEN CEMETERY 

this is the only relic that is left in the cemetery, as you can see there are waves in the background. they said it is where the cemetery walls are located. this area sank when the volcano erupted long time ago

Next stop is The Old Church Ruins

yes me and my hubby wear very comfy clothes when travelling :) we dont really care much.

during May 1871 Mt. Volcan ruined this place. by the way there is a donation box to enter the old church ruins. Thanks to Mr. Maintenance guy for this pretty pictures of me and my husband :)

Next is Sto.Nino Cold Springs  

entrance fee is just 30 pesos and the rent for the hut is just 70 pesos! there are also food stalls outside and the water is VERY cold! like i cant even swim in it for a very long time. the water flows from a natural spring and there are also small fishes in the pool . i like this place. its really a must see!

Next up Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Its an old church that is being repaired , i love the designs inside the church too!

Next The Watch tower

Amazingly this place is hidden behind a backyard of a school! its a historical place within a school premises and the staff and the kids are very welcoming, 

my camiguin adventure doesnt end there yet, because there are a lot more to show you guys. please check my next blog post for the part two of my day tour in camiguin!