Friday, August 29, 2014

TRAVEL DIARY: Camiguin Adventure ( Flight and Mambajao Airport Edition)

Hello there!

Once again im back here in my blog after being in active for more than a month! Me and my husband had some quality time and that means VACATION yay!!! i love travelling so much because when i was still a little girl my family usually go places to see in luzon. so im really a sucker for travel.

so basically last July 19-23 we went on a 3 day vacation in Camiguin Island in MINDANAO! yes its in mindanao and i dont even had an idea that we are already there because we are in Cebu City (as always) and its just like a 30 minute flight.. the waiting time is longer as always.. this is a photo of the plane...

ME AND MY HUSBAND ARE REALLY SCARED! the turbulence when we are in the plane is really really REALLY STRONG! I CANT STRESS IT ENOUGH! Seat belt all throughout the flight! and by the way its only ONE FLIGHT PER DAY one going to the island and one going back to Cebu... ITS SCARY! and by the way this is a small plane,., with the propellers on the side. we almost had a full flight round trip..

wondering what their airport looks like?

TADAAA! Mambajao Airport (its basically an air strip really) its not an air-conditioned building but its well ventilated and only operates during day time ,., i think the plane arrived on time,. its VERY EARLY MORNING . the flight left from Cebu around 7 am so we arrived there when the sun is up (its early because considering i have a job that ends 5 am) and i travel without sleep because of the TURBULENCE the weather is kinda rainy and the wind is pushing against our plane (oh tell me we are not going to crash) i cannot see a thing on the window because its VERY CLOUDY!  and the only carrier that you can use is CEBU PACIFIC thats it! awesome right? well our day doesnt end there basically because after a few hours when we arrived at the place there is a ISLAND WIDE BLACK OUT!!! YAY! NO ELECTRICTY FOR THE WHOLE DAY! like TIL 5 PM THE NEXT DAY!!! im really freaking out! because my job depends on the electricity and internet! The 1st day was a nightmare! but we cannot put blame on the people running the place,., as what the locals said, their electric line is submerged under the sea,,, and if the mainland Cagayan De Oro has weather problems they are affected.

sa basically thats what we did in day 1 deal with the flight, sleep, bad weather and no electricity...

but the next few days are awesome! and i think you guys will enjoy my next post too.. its the tourist spots that we visited <3

if i dont have so much work to do today i will post an over view and its gonna be photo heavy posts for some :)

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