Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FEATURE: How to Verify Your Paypal Account using East West Debit Card

Hello Everyone!

i hope you find this post helpful! i just wanna share my experience in verifying my paypal account.

just to start off. you need to have a East West Debit card. you can apply at your nearest branch. its normally takes a week for it to be released. it has VISA debit logo on front of the card. so that makes it qualified to verify your paypal account.

additional info for the application of East West Visa Debit Card
> you need at least one gov issued ID ( i gave them a copy of my TIN id)
> minimum maintaining balance is Php 100 ( i deposited 500 just to be sure because paypal will deduct 100)
> have a proof of billing (electric, water, internet> i used my globe bill statement)
> have a 2x2 pic or 1x1 pic

so this is how the card looks like :

i dont have a nice editing tool so just kindly bear with the pictures

i already have my online account set up and working so i decided to verify my paypal account. 

you will see there a highlighted status that show UNVERIFIED and beside it you can see Get Verified link
.. what i did was i went on to profile and selected  add credit/debit card

you just need to click the underlined Add/Edit Credit card and then put your info. you need to make sure that all the information that you have in your paypal is the SAME as the one in your bank account,

so when you successfully entered your information you will get to a different page that looks like the photo below.

so when you click continue it will look like the photo below

so you will receive an email as well after the transaction and it should look like this 

so basically i did this sunday ( june 29,2014 ) and i was excited to get my info so i go ahead and asked the bank teller if they can  help me out with this. unfortunately they cant because their system wont show the code (like my online access) so what they said is that i can send an email to customer service ( )

here is the exact email that i sent to them (if there are any grammar nazi's out here i do apologize im not good with Grammar )

you will get an automatic email confirming that they received your email. after that i received an email dated July 1, 2014 asking for necessary info to verify my account. so i provided all thats needed and ask for the Paypal code again :) and July 2, 2014 they emailed me the code :) YAY!  I was really surprised that they are able to do it pretty fast!

so i logged back in my paypal account and clicked the GET VERIFIED link. 

 i just put in the numbers that was provided to me in the email 
hit Submit 


its so easy verifying your account via EastWest Visa Debit Card

i was refunded the Php 100 immediately after the verification!!

i hope this helps you guys out there. :) feel free to ask questions if you have any and i would do my best to answer them :) 

thanks for reading. have a great day every one.

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