Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TRAVEL DIARY: Camiguin Vacation Day 2 (Part 2)

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by here in my blog for the Part two of my Camiguin Day tour adventure! I just remembered that my husband told me not to blog during the entire vacation >.< so now he is not around i can blog :)

so on the previous post i told you guys about the Sunken Cemetery, Old Church Ruins, Sto. Nino Cold Springs, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. and The watch Tower. Haven't read that yet? You can see it HERE

so to continue on with my journey we stopped by the Giant Clams Ocean Nursery.
you can just read whats on the picture and also they dont allow PDA (Public Display of Affection ) its really an educational place. where someone is discussing the names of the clams and how they eat, their habitat and a lot of information to process in my head in one time. so the only thing i remember that the presenter said is that we have 7 types of giant clams here in the Philippines alone, and there are 9 total in the world. they have 6 species of clams in the sanctuary, the 7th one is in Palawan.

The 6 clams species they have in the nursery. there is 7 in this picture 2 of them on the top side my side are the same its just that they differ in color

Baby clams close up

this is just one tank. They have more. they do this kind of method so that the baby clams will not egt eaten by predators of the sea.

there are also a lot of clam shells on display, these are clams that got affected by the previous typhoons.

So next up! Mahinog katunggan park.

This Mangrove park gives shelter to marine life. i saw a lot of little crabs and also a few big ones. when you go nearer the edge where the water is meeting some of the trees there are also fishes that live there., there is also a donation box for this place :)

Next we stop we visited an Animal and Ostrich farm

yeah for some reasons we love animals so we decided to visit, as i can remember the entrance is just 10 pesos :) so if you wanna see animals that is being used for breeding or you just wanna see animals this is a place to go to :)

some of the animals you will see in the place


i personally havent seen a water falls for a few years now, and its my husband first time on this place. entrance fee is just 30 pesos. you can take a dip on the pool and enjoy the beautiful scenery <3 

This is one of the best picture i have taken for a long time <3 isnt it pretty <3

just me :D

more info :)

The last spot that we visited is the Ardent Hot Springs! 

me and my husband spent a good two hours here :) entrance fee is just 30 pesos for adults and 15 for kids. 
the water is warm and they have different temperatures per pool. of course its really relaxing to go visit this place! I LOVE HOT SPRINGS! its really relaxing :)

This sums up my day tour in camiguin <3 i love this place and is definitely worth the visit! next post would be my 3rd day  in camiguin <3 <3 <3

Thanks for reading my post <3 i hope you guys enjoyed the photos i shared here in my blog.

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Therese <3