Friday, June 20, 2014

Cebu Travel Experience Overview

hi everyone!

i just wanna share my travel experience in Cebu city, the photos here are taken last year ans some of them are taken this year,

i've never been out of luzon my whole life until i met my husband, we both share the passion for travelling so even during his short trips here in the philippines we always make it a point that we should be able to travel even just out of town or around the metro. Going to Cebu is a brand new experience for me. i was so excited for the trip. He really did a good job touring me around the city and its really nice to go to places that i've been seeing in books my whole life. to be honest i didnt even expected that i will be able to go to those places without him.

these are the places we went to during our trip :)
1. Sto. Nino Church
2. magellans cross
3. taoist temple
4. Bantayan Island
5. Casa Gorordo Museum

these are just some of the pictures taken duing our short trip to Cebu City
(i will make a separate blog post loaded with photos after this one because im not feeling lazy today haha)

Sto Nino De Cebu Church

Magellans Cross

Taoist Temple

Bantayan Island

Casa Gorordo

these are just some of the photos that we've taken during our trip :) im excited to post this because me and my hubby will go back to cebu soon and see other places that we are not able to visit the last trip..


well this is it for this blog post,., i will give more information on how to go to this places the fees and other info on the next blog posts :) thanks for dropping by!