Friday, June 7, 2013

Crochet Happiness

hello there! this is my first post here so i feel kinda awkward. ha ha,., well anyway i just wanna tell some thing about myself ,., I'm Therese well I've been a crafter since i don't know when ha ha,., i started crocheting since i was in primary school like 7 years old and it has been a hobby of mine til now. my mom taught me how to crochet first hand, well i just wanna show here some of the projects i made :) i hope you all like it

I'm not really a big fan of Hello Kitty and Sanrio friends but they are just way too cute
coin purses 
(i made this without a pattern )

Spongebob and Patrick
mobile phone case
(i made this without a pattern )

dainty hairpins

its a flower brooch i made for my mom  
(i made this without a pattern )

Rose Brooch (i made this without a pattern )

DomoKun coin purse 
(i made this without a pattern )

flower earrings and bracelet gift set for my mom

flower hairclips

and there you have it ... I'm just happy to share my crafts i hope u guys like it and next post maybe I'm gonna show off other things i made before that are just in storage,., ha ha yeah i use them sometimes :) well i love all the things i made,., most of them ended up as gifts for my friends

Any project ideas guys sometimes i just don't know what to Crochet?
so i can put it on my to do list <3

please feel free to leave your comments :)

love lots,
Therese <3