Sunday, June 29, 2014

TRAVEL DIARY: Casa Gorordo Museum

hey everyone! its me again sharing a photo heavy post about my previous visit in Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu.

address: #35 lopez jaena St., cebu city
entance: local : Php 40
             foreigners : php 70
             students: php 15

>> i dont know how to commute via jeepney in this place so we decided to just go there via taxi from downtown cebu.

this place is located in a residential area. im quite surprised that its well maintained and not a lot of tourists in the place. its a nice quiet place and it feels like me and my husband time traveled to the Spanish era.

so here are some of the pics that i was able to get,., some are blurry sorry for that but i'll post it anyway.

blurry image but this is what the facade of the house looks like,., its pretty long

some introduction at the entrance beside a small gate

shop and cafe

images inside the museum and stuff you guys might find interesting

the tickets :)

this is made out of stone and im not sure if this is used for grains

this tool i think is used for juicing sugar cane
 the lower level is basically a vacant space with just some displays like racks and stuff,. mostly this is where the house helpers do the stuff like sorting out the grains because thats what the displays shows, 
 lets go to the upper level where you can find the rooms 

not really sure what area is this.., its somewhat a receiving area for the guests

ladies room

old singer sewing machine can be found in the ladies room

a glimpse of the masters bedroom

the chapel

im not really sure if this is the area for receiving suitors there is an extra seat there for the ladies chaperon

guest room

Guest room


formal dining area

 informal dining area

some of the books in the library



so basically they have a bath tub
located at the lower level

and they have a wooden toilet seat
this is located on the upper level.

family photos back then

the view from the side entrance 

instruments that you can see on display,.

my husband posing for the camera <3 <3 <3

bridal bouquet flowers <3 

well i hope you guys enjoy the photos :) will post more of my travel spots soon :)