Saturday, June 11, 2016

Novotel Peace Beijing

This is such a long overdue review for the hotel we stayed at for a week during our Beijing visit.

Novotel Peace Beijing is perfectly situated near Wangfujing Street. Its just a few minutes walk to the shopping street that is packed with tourists. The location makes it perfect since you can easily say the street and the cab drivers will not get lost.

Lobby area

Okay so we stayed i think at the old wing of the hotel so its not really a super scenic spot to begin with so lets go straight to the room we stayed in.

Our super cozy bed

We have a very spacious closet with lights, drawer and safe.
The room is very spacious and you have a lot of space to move around in.

The bathroom is very nice and we love it! They are also very generous with the soft towels!

They have a gym, pool, spa and a souvenir shop

The buffet breakfast is really good we always make sure we have a heavy meal before heading out so its nice they have a very good selection of western and local chinese food.
 Photo on the right is the bar and we loved the margaritas (did it during happy hour!)

Why I recommend Novotel Peace Beijing?

Location is just perfect. Its just 5 minutes walk from Wangfujing Shopping street and its very easy to find. They also have a grocery store next to them and its open really late so you can get drinks and other things you might need from there. You can check out my Wangfujing Experience Here. Oh by the way, even if you dont talk chinese and get in a cab and say Wangfujing they will drop you at the street and then you can walk a bit and you are at the hotel! (We did that a few times)

The rooms are cozy and clean. If you havent been to china before they sleep on a HARD bed. Here its moderately hard and they can add cozy blankets and sheets and extra pillows if you want for free! The toilet is very clean and they have a generous amount of towels and toiletries. you can have your cleaned everyday during your stay. You need to be specific though because they might just make your bed up like what we had the 1st night of our stay. They have unlimited hot water showers. They give you complementary tea, coffee etc in your own room and they refill it as well. They got robes, slippers, laundry bags etc. 

The staff are nice. They have great staff and are very helpful. They are also not stingy with ice i mean if you ask for ice they will give you a very big bowl of ice

The breakfast buffet is great! Real western breakfast is available. They serve it hot and they have great selections available. 

They have very reasonable price. Considering for what you are getting its a great deal! They got a pool, breakfast buffet, a gym and many more amenities and the location. Its a great place to stay at.

Will I come back and stay here again? YES and I highly recommend it to everyone!

And just to clarify, this is not a sponsored review :) 

Thats it for this post you can check out their website for complete info.