Monday, May 16, 2016

Wangfujing Street and Donghuamen Night Market

Wangfujing Street is one of the known tourist location when you are in Beijing. The locations is just a few blocks away from Forbidden City and is at the east side. Its actually a pretty long street but a section of it is just for walking starts from Dongdan 3rd alley ( the corner where Wangfujin Book Store is located) and ends in Dong'anmen (donghuamen food street)

Its a very busy place with lots of shopping and eating establishments. Below are some western eating establishments:
McDonalds- 2 branches just along the closed section of wangfujin one adjacent from wangfujin bookstore.
Baskin Robbins- Loc. Basement of wangfujin bookstore (food court)
Subways(sandwiches) beside baskin robbins- its adjacent to each other
KFC- i think we saw 2 branches on the street boths left and right side
Pizza Hut- there are also 2 branches  (if i remember it correctly)

Since we stayed in NOVOTEL Beijing Peace which is just like 5 mins away from Donghuamen and Wangfujing Streets its very convenient for us to get around the place. During our visit we are able to look around and the place is packed with name brands like PRADA and other fancy brands! Its really a shopping street.

The only place I enjoyed is the Wangfujing Book Store and Donghuamen Food Street! During our visit we also entered Wangfujin Food Street its at the left side if you are from Dongdan 3rd alley.
Many people mistake Donghuamen as Wangfujin food street. They are two different things. The Wangfujin Food street is packed with locals and tourists alike and during our visit they have weird food there( I MEAN BUGS!) but at Donghuamen they have normal food!!!

There are many things that you can enjoy in Wangfujing since there is something for everybody. This is definitely a must visit, but be aware that the place is extra crowded during Chinese holidays. 

Thats it for this post i will update this if i have any other thoughts to add here.