Monday, August 31, 2015

The Handmade Chic New Beginnings - YouTube

Hello everyone! Its been quite a while since I was able to post here in my blog. Me and my husband have moved from the Philippines to China due to his job and we will be here for quite a while.

Now that we have already settled down here in our apartment I decided to make content that actually makes me very happy. Creating DIY tutorials and Travel post on this blog and also uploading some videos in Youtube. To be honest that is the main reason I actually started this blog but I ended up taking a different path. But now I will go back to the original path I wanted to take.

View from our apartment 
behind the mountain is the Great Plateau
its like the sahara of china

So, since im not in the Philippines as of the moment we will come back there for vacations from time to time. During those vacations I will be able to ship out prizes to our giveaway winners (YES I WILL STILL DO GIVEAWAYS!) If you guys are curious what Im doing here in China, I am a devoted home maker ( house wife) and to be honest Im actually loving the fact that i dont need to work and I can just focus on the things that I love doing like arts and crafts.

image from logopedia

Venturing into Youtube.

I personally like taking photos of my crafts and the places we visit. But sometimes a photo cant give enough justice on what I make so i decided to create videos of my crafts as well as travel. Not only i can relive the experience but also be able to share it to you guys!

I have a few videos already and you can check out The Handmade Chic Youtube i would really appreciate if you guys subscribe to the channel since i will be posting giveaways there as well!

What to Expect

I still dont have a fixed schedule yet but you can expect a lot of DIY, Recycling, Crochet and other arts and crafts related blog and vlog post. Im also going to post some travel and lifestyle related content from time to time. I have so many ideas right now that I cant decide which one to do first.

so thats it for now most likely you will see more crafting posts in the next few days!
Thanks for dropping by and i hope you all have a great day!