Friday, June 26, 2015

Baguio Summer Adventure Day 2!

Day 2 is a very action packed day for all of us!

Our day started off with a hefty breakfast at Tradisyon - the in house resto of Azalea Residences and this how my plate looks like

After our hefty breakfast we went ahead and go to Baguio Strawberry farm! read full story HERE.

We also dropped by at the flower farm before lunch. The roses are not blooming yet since most of them are harvested for the mothers day celebration, so we all settled for mums :)

We then grabbed some lunch at Jewel Igorot Restaurant where we are served Fried Chicken, Sinigang na baboy, Chop Suey, Brown rice(its my 1st time and i dont like it) Fresh fruits and iced tea oh also they served lemon grass tea after the meal. More photos of Jewel Igorot Here

After our lunch was served we then went to Burnham park (of course there are a zillion tourists in that place) and they gave us the clues for the AMAZING RACE we visited 10 famous spots in baguio city! Yes like we did it in 2 hrs or so and it was super duper tiring! but hey we had fun! (thanks to orange magazine tv for this photo) 

thats me :D and this is our group doing one of the tasks 

Its been a very long day for us so we all went back to the hotel and did the awarding for the group. here is our group photo (oh our tired and exhausted faces)

We then had a really nice dinner and booze at 2600 gastro pub and we closed the day with a bloggers party! They have delicious food and drinks ( i cant remember the cocktails that they served since im dead tired that night) and the music and ambiance is amazing! 

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