Monday, March 23, 2015

Food: Cafe de Geneve -a little piece of Europe in the heart of Cebu City (closed)

Hello everyone! its been a few months since i last posted about food here :) so let me just share to you guys this long overdue post since last year! yeah its been that long since i have been in Cebu.

When me and my husband stay in Cebu one thing comes into mind for both of us and that is food. Travis loves to look for new restaurants to try out and this is actually one of the places he researched for.

tablet camera photo

Cafe de Geneve is a Swiss resto and one of the best restaurants in Cebu that we have tried in our opinion. Its location is really quite hard to find since we are using google maps to be able to locate the address. Its actually a cute little place and has this homey feel to it.

Since my husband is the one in-charge of selecting what we will have for dinner he decided to get the following.(sorry for the poor quality its my old tab camera and i never really thought that i would want to post about food in our blog )

Prosciutto Plate
thinly sliced italian cured ham
Php 350
we love cured meat so this is an automatic
Rating 10/10 

Morrocan Meatballs
beef, tomatoes, spices with couscous
Php 320
this is one of the best meatballs i have tried as of the moment.
its not loaded with salt and tastes just right and its not over wheming.
Rating 9/10

Zurich Chicken with Roesti
white wine, cream sauce and mushrooms
Php 320
i have an affair with chicken and cream sauce.
and by far i love their version. its not overly seasoned like the once i had before
its balanced and it really matches with the hash brown (roesti)
Rating: 10/10

Chocolate Truffle Cake
Php. 110
hands down on the best choco cake i had everrrr
its not an airy cake. its moist and firm but yet it melts in your mouth
its not overly sweet and its satisfies my chocolate cravings. 
Rating 10/10

they also gave us this yummy chocolates 
upon handing over the bill
and its really sweet i must say! 

Overall rating: 10/10
             we love everything and i think the price point is very reasonable for the service you get as well. the food really looks simple and it really is a nice thing because we have been to some restos and the presentation doesnt really compensate the taste of well made food.

the owner :)
dont be surprised if he gives you the menu, takes the order and serves the food
its kinda odd but he is a chill guy and really knows customer service
thumbs up to you sir!

They are also having events and bazaar in their cute cafe and they also have promos as well! 
We will definitely come back to try the cheese fondue once we are down in Cebu!
Its really a must visit resto in Cebu city

you can check their menu here:
follow them on their social media:
Facebook: cafe de geneve
Twitter: @cafedegeneve
Instagram: @cafedegeneve

Address: Congressman Noel St near President Roxas St in Villa Aurora, Kasambagan, Mabolo, Cebu city
(five minutes drive from Ayala)
Phone: (032) 412 0748

so thats it for this post and i hope you guys and taste what they offer!
***this is not a sponsored review and happen to just really love the food ***
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