Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DIY: Playing With Colors- Watercolor Calligraphy Workshop with Anina Rubio

Hello everyone! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

So last Saturday , Feb 28, 2015, i attended  Watercolor Calligraphy workshop! yay! yes im really super excited for this and im looking forward to attend this workshop since my husband told me to go for it! and i dont regret the other events that was on the same day as the workshop since i learned a lot and had fun!

so to start off! we registered and then proceeded to our seats. they gave us our tools :)

prang waterolor
mongol pencil #2
watercolor brushes
calligraphy pens
hand outs
eraser (not in photo)
sketch pad

when everyone has their kits ready we proceeded by introducing ourselves and backgrounds in art and our professions. we are actually a small group and all girls 

Ms. Anina Rubio our instructor of the workshop!

The workshop is brief and informative. Most of us doesnt have any background with the medium watercolor so we started off with the watercolor mixtures and then when everyone was able to do the task we are then taught the techniques in shading and color combination. We also did a lot of hands on exercises as well

me doing the exercises

So after the exercises we are then asked to think of a word and try to apply the things we learned. during the lecture and drills and i chose the word flame.

and here is the work i did :)
im pretty surprised that it doesnt look that bad.

so after we did this drill we had snacks! yummy donuts, cookies, empanadas and drinks :)

after our short break we went back to our tables and continue working on our last task of the day! we are asked to choose a movie title and try to do a watercolor calligraphy of the title. i chose the title The Frog Prince and went on with it! 

Ms. Anina giving  tips and tricks while checking on how we are doing :)

a side by side demo on how we can do our watercolor calligraphy project.

and this is my finished project! YAY! 

i think this is not that bad considering i just learned this the same day :)

a group photo of the participants holding our works!

Ms. Anina Rubio and me <3

Im not an art graduate but i do love art and appreciate the time and effort on each and every piece. Being a crafter learning different mediums in art is really a nourishing experience for me. Everyone in the workshop had fun and definitely learned a lot as well! i didnt know watercolor with bring me so much joy. Now im trying to paint with it twice a week and post it on instagram :)

I wanna thank miss Anina Rubio for being an awesome instructor and being patient with everyone (since 95% doesnt have any watercolor background) and also for teaching us to appreciate the art more. its really not easy to make one! it really takes so much time and practice to harness the craft and make it look easy!

so thats it for this post! i really had so much fun and will definitely do it again next time!



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