Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tarsier Sanctuary

Hi there! i just wanted to share here my experience when we visited a place abundant with tarsiers.

This happened during our trip to bohol and here are some photos that i took at the place (pardon the blurry photos.)

once you enter the place there is an entrance fee of Php50
They will give you this postcard/ticket

registration area

cute little tarsiers
its so hard to get a good shot since its a gloomy day and 
they are not looking towards my way.,

There are a few things to remember when visiting this place.
  • you should be quiet during the trek (yes there is a bit of walking in the area involved)
  • there are only a few tarsiers for viewing
  • camera flash is prohibited if i can remember correctly
  • littering is strictly prohibited.
  • you are also not allowed to touch the tarsiers.

On the way to the exit there are stores selling souvenirs and refreshments. we bought some coca cola and peanut kisses which is one of their famous delicacy in the region.

Your trip to bohol is not complete without visiting this place. so i must say that it is a must visit. 
Its always fun to see animals that are native to the place and you cant see anywhere else. We had fun visiting this place even though its quite tiring.