Monday, January 18, 2016

Loboc River Cruise

hello i just want to share my previous Loboc River Cruise. During the time of my bohol visit i wasnt really into blogging so im just sharing it today! here are just some info and photos about my experience..

While we are at Bohol for a short visit one of our itinerary is the river cruise. It was a fun experience and you will be able to enjoy a stroll while eating at the boat too! If i remember it correctly we paid 400 per person. there is a stop there where there is a performance of locals in a raft and they also sell souvenirs there. its actually entertaining and interactive since some foreigners joined in dancing "tinikling". I must say the food is decent its not really vegan friendly just to warn you. they have seafood. pork, veggies, fruits and pastries available. the food is served hot (delivered by a different boat). You will see a little waterfalls before going to the direction back to the port. It was a fun experience and will do it again once we visit Bohol (hopefully this year).

Have you visited bohol yet? What activities did you do? Feel free to comment down below!

Thats it for this post! Have a great day!