Sunday, November 8, 2015

Diplomat Hotel- Baguio City

I think everyone knows about this utterly creepy and one of the most haunted places in Baguio right? Diplomat hotel has been featured a million times in local television ( Philippine TV) especially during the Halloween specials in major tv networks.

Fortunately for me when we are in Baguio our team is able to visit this scary hotel for an activity. You know that feeling when a really known creepy place in TV is there in front of you. It automatically sends chills down my spine. I dont even want to go near it! Like everyone is there going close to the location and im just "im okay, i will just keep my distance". Say i am superstitious, well i am. Well we have our own believes. so its really up to you.

Just seeing this place through the gate is just creepy enough for me. My mom wasn't able to visit this place during her trips in the city before so she was actually surprised that i was able to set foot at this super famous and super creepy attraction in baguio!

--The Diplomat Hotel is a former convent-sanatorium turned hotel atop Dominican Hill that has gained notoriety as one of the most haunted places in Baguio City. It is now undergoing rehabilitation through the efforts of the city government. The whole property on which it stands has been renamed as the Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park. A panoramic view of the city unfolds from its vantage point, the stone crucifix on the outdoor patio of the hotel's second floor.--WIKIPINAS-- check out this link for more creepy info-

Since its located on top of a hill, JUST GOING THERE IS A TRIP ON ITS OWN, you will need to go through very steep and narrow roads just to reach this site! Its like a mini,narrow and steeper version of the Kennon road. There are no entrance fees but they close it at around 6 pm.

When you set foot on this place you will be welcomed by a very eerie vibe. Like something inside me is telling me not to go near the building. There are a lot of trees within the vicinity there is also a chapel inside. After i took some photos I decided that i will just walk away from this place. Its just not the place to be for me. Maybe for some thrill seekers out there you might want to visit this place. well its just not for me.

So that's it i hope you find this post helpful. Check out the link above for more info on this place. cant bear reading it.

Have a great day to all!