Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baguio Strawberry Farm

Strawberry is just one of the star products in Baguio city. The climate is just perfect for farming them. We didn't missed a chance visiting this wonderful place while there.

I heard that's its almost end of the season when we visited. Most of the strawberry plots are empty and some farmers are already doing crop rotation. But anyway here are some photos i took during our visit. 

There are a lot of things being sold around the area. I tried the strawberry ice cream and it was so good. I find it really tasty. You must definitely not pass on this one 

They are also selling strawberries at the farm entrance itself. I didn't purchased mine from there because its a lot more expensive so I also looked around for the best deals.

I think that strawberry picking is really a great way to keep tourists entertained in this place. Since each lot is being looked after by a different farmer. You need to approach the care taker itself. The price of the strawberries actually varies. I think they are more expensive than the harvested one. Basically you are paying for the experience.

Below are some of the photos I took during my brief visit.

The strawberries are planted in plot row like pictured above. Good thing that I was able to spot one that still has a few strawberries attached to it still. There are a lot of snacks like peanut brittle and local delicacies. If you look around you can get a pretty good deal,

Since there are a lot to choose from souvenirs like key chains, magnets, shirts, cups, jackets, bonnets, and etc. its up to you which one you want to take home. As for me, I always prefer the edible ones to take home! 

So thats it for this blog post. If ever I come back to Baguio I will definitely come back to this strawberry farm. Its a must visit place for me.