Friday, December 12, 2014

Travel Diary:Marikina Edition- Joey Velasco Gallery

Hello there! This is a continuation of the places I recently visited here in Marikina City.

This is the 1st place we viewed. Since me and my husband both love art I am excited to be able to visit a gallery. But this one is different because its not your regular gallery.

The Joey Velasco Gallery is a place full of masterpieces of the late Joey Velasco who has a passion for his art and religion.His work of art is really breath taking and full of emotions. every time i am looking at his painting i feel like there is something that connects me to the art work unlike the other paintings i have seen..

Mr Joey Velasco who passed away when he was 43 due to a kidney disease is known for painting  religious art combined with the reality of society. He claims not to be an artist but someone who is "heartist". With that being said he started the Joey Velasco Foundation (JVF) that helps supporting the families of the kids in the painting Hapag ng Pag-asa as well as the families at Hapag Village in Amparo, Caloocan The JVF gives out training and livelihood projects in the community.

Hapag ng Pag-Asa Painting

When we started the tour in this gallery we are requested to watch a video or documentary on how he was able to start with this painting. The documentary was about the lives of the street children in the painting itself It tackled the lives of their families, their hopes, dreams and also the painters reflection in life. I did cried on the presentation because i know that their lives are really difficult but still they still believe that God will bless them and will provide long as they have faith. Its really a dose of hard reality that each and everyone of us face in our day to day lives and it makes me feel very thankful with what i have now.

one of the screen shots of the video presentation.

some more paintings in the gallery itself

I was surprised that he also did some sculptures, this one is titled "Thirsty" and its made out of wood.

Im really impressed with his works of art. even though he didnt really took up arts. he was still able to execute one of a kind creation that both represents faith and patriotism. this is really a one of a kind living museum.

Location:   2nd level, E-com Building Riverbanks Center, Barangka Marikina City (Take the                           stairs or elevator at the E-com Annex)

General admission: P100/head
Senior Citizens with ID: 20% discount on regular fee
Teachers with ID: FREE

Museum Hours:
Friday to Sunday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Open to walk-in and Group tours
(Please text/call  09439246065 (look for Cristy) for holiday schedules or email

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