Friday, November 21, 2014

TRAVEL DIARY: Camiguin Vacation Day 3

hello there! i just wanted to share the long overdue continuation of my day 3 in Camiguin Island :)

so on our 3rd day on the island me and my husband decided to go to White island which is just like a 10 - 15 minutes boat ride. we paid like 50 pesos each to have a boat ride to the island and also they are renting out umbrellas on there., luckily the place that we are staying at the Pabualan cottages is just super near the place its just like a 3 minute walk so we dont need to worry about transportation and all..

so here are some of the photos i have taken during our visit.

This is what it looks like in the port area.

The island is submerged in water if the water is on higher level. its like a strip of land with nothing on it,., 
the sands are really fine and white in color. ( the photo just sucks haha)

this is how clear the water looks like while we are on the boat! its really pretty. and the boat ride is fun too!

on our way back to the port.

by the way

if you are  interested doing snorkeling and stuff similar to that ,.,on the port itself they offer a wide array of gears you can rent :)

that mountainous island is Camiguin island it self,. it really looks pretty from White island. i didnt think that its that pretty from afar!

so there it is ,., its just a short post about my 3rd day
me and my husband will definitely come back to this island via sea next time,., since flying is really really scary,., 

i hope you enjoyed my post and have yourself a great day!

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