Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yingze Park

Yingze Park is one of the popular parks in Taiyuan, Shanxi. Its a huge park that covers 63.28 hectares and 20 of that is by the lake. The construction started 1954 and it was opened 1957 it contains 10 gardens with a large variety of plants. There are also a lot of things to do inside the park for all ages.

There are parts of the park that are well shaded than others, The most prominent tree around are willow trees and the place is a great place to do exercise and walk. During our visit there are a lot of people hanging out because its the week end. 

Since there a lot of things to do in Yingze Park i filmed some of the highlights of our visit and you can check the video below!

Since the park is massive it gets really tiresome and we actually spent half a day just walking around. Since it was spring time during our visit it tended to get hot too. There a lot of snack stalls in this area that sells local snack food like Chinese hotdog and fish balls. Activities such as boat riding and some rides for the children are available. There are a lot of gazebo and there is actually a museum that you can go in for free. 

Here is a map that shows the scope of the place.

Address: China, Shanxi Sheng, Taiyuan Shi, Yingze Qu, 迎泽大街218号 邮政编码: 030001
Phone:+86 351 202 2622
Entrance is for free but if you want to do activities inside most likely its not free unless its educational like the merchant museum.

The place is nice if you like to walk and just hang out. When we visited it was a pretty clear day and the smog is not that bad. The free exhibit is rather nice too. I wasn't very excited with the animal enclosure because I personally didn't like their situation. But over all it was okay. 

Thats it for this post. I hope you guys find it helpful.