Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tourist Trap: Chinese Tea Ceremony

Another tourist trap segment :) buts its not really that bad though.

I like this one compared to all others since they are not pushy here. i also like the fact that they did a tea ceremony for us (more like a sales pitch) since im not a fan of tea so much i just get along with it.

so we did a tea ceremony. Its interesting. it doesnt really feel like a ceremony to be honest.
Its just like a taste test of tea. we tried jasmine, oolong, rose, fruit, lychee and an old tea.

so we did a taste test and they did some up selling for people who are really interested. i think the place is okay. its not really super special. 

here are some pictures that i took during our visit.

some photos of the pretty and detailed tea pots

presentation for the tea taste test,

i just included this because its colorful

yeah so there. its not really exciting since the presentation is geared for up-selling.
Its not really about the tea ceremony experience.
i will not say its terrible since i get to try free tea (just for tasting really)
and i like the tea pots and cups that they have on sale (display racks) since they are cute and pretty.

UPDATE: i just looked around for tea and guess what they are super over priced! 3x the price of the same tea you can buy from a local chinese medicine store! Or you can even check walmart (china)

so thats it.