Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chinese Acrobat Show

Hello everyone. Im back again with a new post! This time its about our Chinese Acrobat Show experience.

Performance Title: Legend of Jinsha

Here are just some of the photos i took. (photo and Video heavy post)
Since it doest make sense to me blogging this and you guys not being able to see what i saw in the theater. thats why i put the videos here as well :)

This is the stage and as you can see at the screen on the top 
the 1st 19 rows are VIP( tour group buses!) and basically we are seated at the back
around 23-24 row

some sort of calligraphy master did a demo and people in the theater are invited on the stage. 

her body is so flexible! good lord i cant even do a split.
here is a video demonstrating her skills!

this act they have hoops that they need to jump into. 
they have soft mattresses laid after the hoop (for safety of course)
Video at the very bottom of the post 

this performance is some sort of yoyo in two sticks, its very interesting
its hard to take photos when they move so fast!
check them out in action below!

well for this one the thing in the middle keeps on spinning.
watch video below its actually quite a suspense!

this one is a drum balancing and juggling act

this one performance is ridiculous. WHY?
because since this guy is wearing a harness something is holding his weight.
they dropped the wire somewhere in the middle there.
I know its for safety but still i dont like this part.

Sorry for that blurred picture. since everything is so fast its hard to get a decent photo.
i like this one a lot! check out the video below to see them hopping on that bike like its nothing!

You see what im talking about? this is why i did this video thing! 

okay now for the notes:

I personally enjoy this since its been such a long time ago since i have seen one. The costumes are nice and the performances are fun too.
If you are not picky with the location, cleanliness and orderliness of the place then you are cool.

will i come back again? Yes

Things to remember:

  • They oversell tickets! You will stand up at the back and you wll do that the whole duration of the show.
  • Be there early. Many locals will show up so be sure be there super early! 
  • Locals will steal your seat so dont dare leaving your seat at all! 
  • There are a lot of people visiting this place so expect people walking at the aisle during the show. (SUPER ANNOYING) 
  • Dont leave your seat! AT ALL COST! someone will just grab that empty seat and your screwed.
  • toilet situation: nasty, No soap and if your lucky NO Toilet paper
  • Entrance and exit- even if there are labels IT JUST DOESNT MATTER! just go in and grab a seat!
  • Food: targeted to locals. we had popcorn and its not bad. bottled water is available though.
  • Cleanliness: its not like US standard. Expect litter here and there. and some sticky stuff on the floor whatever that my be. 
  • orderliness: None for the visitors,., (the show is orderly and well presented)

Ticket Price: normally 180 RMB (yuan) but we are able to get it for just 100 Yuan from a local tour                        provider along Donghuamen Street.

Location:        Beijing Workers Club
               .       No 7, Hufang Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing

Show Time:   5:30 PM- 6:30 PM (afternoon)
                       7:30 PM- 8:30 PM (evening)

Ticket Line:    010-63528910   63541506 (china number)

They dont have a website on their flyer.

Thats it for this post. I hope you guys find this helpful and i hope you enjoyed the videos!