Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Szechuan Food Experience

So i have been enjoying snow here in China and now Im thinking about food and missing our local mom and pop Chinese cooking. Its so delicious and I can still remember entering that little place.
I dont really know the name since everything is written in Chinese. My husband said that its a szechuan place so im like as long as its food and its good we will go for it! 

Since my husband took photos when they went there the 1st time we have a reference on what we want. since i really cant read chinese characters, since everything looks like the same we always have the translator and the pictures ready. Here are some of the things we ordered. 

Its like bacon but spicy and yes its very oily and flavorful! Oh the wonders of fatty foods.
This dish includes at least 3 types of peppers(Anaheim, green chili (aka pang-sigang) and Red chili peppers (aka Labuyo), it also contains salty black beans (tausi) ,Green and white onions and BACON. LIKE ITS LIKE BACON! HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH BACON!?

My husbands favorite its sweet pork, with wood ear mushroom (aka taingang daga) carrots and onions garlic and sweet sauce. Its not super sweet, but its so good! PS: its swimming in oil too! 

Hey hey hey a vegetable! Yes its eggplant and string beans adobo. It tastes different but equally delicious!
sorry for the bad pics. took them using my phone
my husband likes this, its okay for me since its stir fried cabbage with chilis not too oily

Chicken with a lot of chilis 
I mean like 1/3 of the dish is composed with chilis! Its very tasty and not swimming in oil. 
It also has a little sauce at the bottom.

This is our little resto where we dine. its a typical sit down mom and pop resto with great service! They cook the food after you order it. its delivered separately and steaming hot! Its not air-conditioned but they have nice seating (we always sit on the side farthest from the door to avoid attention) We order rice and coke too and we always request for the congee spoon since using chopsticks is just of a task for our hungry stomachs!

We normally spend 80 -100 yuan (Php 650/ $15) and that includes everything. PLUS we have take outs too since we cant finish the food in one sitting! Each dish can feed 3-4 people (thats just 2 for us haha) but hey its a great place its quiet, simple and a satisfying experience every tine .

Im not a food expert or a critic. But im giving this place 10/10. Why? Because their food is just amazing! It might not be the fanciest place in town but they served the best food around.

So that's it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and see you again on the next one!