Friday, November 6, 2015

Historical Core - Camp John Hay Baguio City

Hello everyone so here i am again writing about Baguio. This time it would be about Camp John Hay Historical core. These spots are actually just a few steps away from each other. 

Liberty loop 
 its a mini statue of liberty in a loop.
entrance is free

The bell house
entrance fee 60 pesos
its a old style american residence with hardwood floors. 
occupied by the bell family way back.
its a really nice place to drop by if you are in camp john hay

Cemetery of negativity
its a symbolic cemetery where you bury your negative thoughts in life by placing a candle on the tomb stone representing it

So that's it, its an okay place i like the bell house the most. 
this is just really a very short post and i dont really have so much to say about it. 
Have a great day to all!


3 comments on "Historical Core - Camp John Hay Baguio City"
  1. Been to Baguio but that was like more than 10 years ago. I'd love to visit again soon. :) We've been to Camp John Hay as far as I can remember.

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