Saturday, January 3, 2015

Food Adventures:Cebu Food Escapades: Korean Restaurant Chosun Galbi

Update Dec 2017: Food is still amazing and came back to this place for a few years and nothing has changed

Hello everyone! for this post  im gonna share to you guys my experience with a Korean restaurant in Cebu city!

Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant is a cozy place serving good food. My husbands friend recommended this place so we went ahead and checked the place out! (my husband lived in korea for 2 years thats why he is craving for some real authentic korean food)

they are located in a very busy street along side with waterfront hotel and city church.,

as you can see the we went here in the evening and the sign is really bright.,. but you can easily see the place.

upon entering the place it feels cozy and the lights are like in yellow will be greeted by the korean owner of the restaurant and they will usher you to a private room or a table depending on what is available.

lets move on to the food...

Yukgaejang (spicy beef and vegetable soup)
served super hot! and with one rice serving
me and my husbands favorite
he has been craving for this since he left korea! one serving more than enough for 2 people!
i think we paid around Php300 for this 
RATING: 10/10

Dak Bokkeum Tang ( Spicy Chicken Stew )
chicken, potatoes and carrots with soup
this one is good too they deliver it with a stove
 they will still make sure the that the heat is still on and make it simmer! 
one serving is good for 6-8 pax
if i can remember it right this is around Php 500-600 
Rating: 8/10

Photo scale reference
(thats my chubby hubby on the side)

im pretty happy of what we ordered
but before that they will actually serve bonchon(thats how they call it)

here are the bonchon they served us for free
top left: its like octopus flakes
top middle: sweetened peanuts
top right: sauteed veggies
bottom left: its like kimchi but its eggplant
bottom middle: fruit salad
bottom right: kimchi <3 <3 <3
you can have it refilled twice 

its the 1st time i tried the dishes and im soooo in love with yukgaejang! its sooo flavorful and also they can adjust the kick of spiciness on the soup for any of the dish,. we finished the 1st soup and we have to take hope the second one home because the meal was just too filling for both of us. We dont mind paying much for the food since its really satisfying.

Location: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu 
contact number: (032) 233 3366

so thats it for this post. more food post coming your way soon!



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PS : My post is not paid or sponsored by Korean Restaurant  Chosun Galbi . my opinion is based on my own experience.