Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Travel Diary: Marikina Edition- The Spirit of Bethlehem and Museum of Miniatures

hi everyone its me again! so for today im gonna continue with sharing my recent museum tours this time its for The Spirit of Bethlehem and Museum of Miniatures

so let me just give you a brief information about the museums.  

"The Spirit of Bethlehem is a private collection of over 500 belens/nativity sets/posters/paintings and sculptures from all over the world. It boasts of numerous pieces from here and abroad, collected thru decades of devotion to the Infant Jesus, by its owner, Gigi Abaya-Carlos."

"Among those on display is her very first belen set bought in 1952 at Catholic Trade School in Tayuman. Belens/Nativity sets from different countries like the United States, Mexico, Spain, Israel, Africa, Guatemala, China, and different regions of the Philippines, will certainly catch your attention because they reflect the culture from where they originated. 80% of the collection are made in the Philippines"
info lifted from the website

here are some of the photos taken at the museum: 

This is the 1st thing that will greet you upon entering the museum

here are some of the belens on display

Museum of Miniatures
"After seeing all the Belens, one is awed by the collection of tiny but real-looking replicas of things you would find in all the different rooms of a European mansion. It is a collection of shadow boxes filled with Lilliputian pieces of 1:1 scale."

"The miniatures are part of the collection of the late Aleli Vengua, a passionate artist who handcrafted most of the pieces herself. A lot of the materials used are from scrap items in our day to day living, be it plastic, wood, aluminum, fabric, and glass. "

"Each room is designed with so much detail and attention that one will never want to look away. "
info from the website

here are some photos in the museum itself

Both of the museums are really interesting and to be honest i love both of them! so most likely i will go visit them again sometime next year :)

General admission: P75/head (for both of the museums)
Senior Citizens with ID: 20% discount on regular fee
Teachers with ID: FREE

Museum Hours:
Friday to Sunday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Open to walk-in and Group tours

Monday to Thursday: Closed
Open to group Tours of at least 50 people with atleast 3 days notice
(Please call  5700701 loc. 334 for holiday schedules or email mdoyco@riverbankscenter.com)

Located at 2nd level, E-com Building Riverbanks Center, Barangka Marikina City (Take the stairs or elevator at the E-com Annex)

Note: Reservation and advance booking is recommended for a group of 50 persons or more.

              Museum of Miniatures

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Thats it for this post i hope you guys enjoy and enjoy your holidays!



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