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Feature: Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua- Love Forecasts for 2015

Everyone wants to love and be loved in return and the upcoming year 2015 if your still looking for your one true love or want to nourish what you have here are some tips that you can try! 

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Love makes the world go round, and for people looking for it, or even couples who experience challenges in their relationship, Feng Shui has tips, cures and enhancers that can help you to attain your heart’s desires.

According to Master Hanz Cua, Psychic and Feng Shui Master, the Northwest sector, in 2015 Flying Stars forecast, is the sector of romance. This is good news for singles, but married males should take heed. NE is the sector of the Father, there is strong inclination to stray into third party involvement. Politicians and other famous patriarch figures should beware of sex scandals in 2015.

For singles seeking love, you can energize NE sector of your home to increase your chances of romance success by:
1.       Introduce enhancers like bright lights, Mandarin duck pair (one male and one female), Rose Quartz crystal, colors like pink, red, ivory and brown, a pair of romantic scented candles, or an image of the 2 peony flowers (the no. 1 flower of romance in Chinese tradition).
2.       The element to activate for romance is Fire and Earth. Remove anything Metal (it exhausts Earth) and Water (it extinguishes Fire)
3.       Avoid having in your bedroom: art or images that show solitary people, plants that have thorns, mobiles or metal chimes, stuffed animals or any toys (toys are for children’s rooms—not adults who are looking for a relationship), any kind of clutter.

For Couples who want to improve their relationship:
1.       Amethyst crystal  on the side table next to the couple’s bed promotes fidelity. Carnelian promotes passion.
2.       A large rock crystal or stone statue in the romance sector will “nail down” a flighty or unstable relationship.
Place the image of the Double Happiness symbol above the bed’s headboard. This same symbol can also be embroidered on your bed cover and pillowcases.

For singles desperate to find love, Master Hanz suggests that you try: For every Friday during January (3, 10) and February (7, 21, 28) Place 4 long-stem red roses in the Northwest sector of your home to activate the Love star. 

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