Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Great Wall of China - Badaling Experience

Hi everyone! As you all know me and my husband visited Beijing last Chinese New Year. And we went via a tour group and visited the famous landmarks of the place. so 1st on our list is the Great wall of China- Badaling section.

If you want to know more info about this famous wall you can go to wiki for more info :) seriously.
I dont need to explain the history here since im not good at it. besides its so famous everyone knows it.

I just want to share some photos i took of the Great Wall

That steep cable car ride that doesn't stop! 
i will upload a video soon of the ride itself soon

survived and lived through this terrible experience of cable car ride!
Imagine all this chinese people trying to go in 1st and jumping in front of the line.
my goodness!

the cable car tickets (100 yuan round trip)

Literally it doesnt stop! 
you need to hop in this box AND FAST!
it can sit 8 people and its scary!

Its not easy to go around this place since there is a million people during our visit!
Badaling is the most packed place to visit. 
Its beautiful there and the view is just breathtaking. 
Walking is terrible (we have bad feet) but putting that aside we love the view.

thats number of people is just nothing! i kid you not

This beautiful structure comes with a price. you can look up information about it. 

Did i enjoyed it? The view yes!
Will come back? NO! - just with this section (will check out our local great wall instead here in shanxi.

Tips in surviving Badaling great wall

  • If you booked a tour (like us) dont expect it to be as fun as going DIY.
  • Dont schedule a visit during a chinese holiday- people visiting this place are not from beijing
  • Be prepared for a lot of walking and bring your own water, and wear appropriate clothes during the season. like for us we visited during chinese new year! GOOD LORD! FAIL!
  • Dont expect lines exist. IT DOESNT EXIST! 
  • Expect a TON of people even in off peak season,.
  • Be careful where you step on. There are very steep inclines and stairs there and i mean really steep that it will take a toll on you. PS: Ice sheets are all over the place during our visit. I dont know if its just because its winter, but since its in the mountains better be safe than sorry.
  • ADVICE: If you are not into crowds (which im not really a fan of) its way better to get a trip going to other sections less visited so you can enjoy the wall by yourself. you can search online and see your options.
  • Also dont expect so much with toilets(nasty)
  • food and snacks are available everywhere but its targeted towards locals. so dont expect so much.

So thats it for this great wall experience! I must say i learned a lot from this visit and i will definitely visit a different section next time. 


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