Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mines View Park Experience - Baguio

Well I'm pretty sure that everyone that visited Baguio actually visited Mines View Park. You cant really miss it. I remember when back in the day there were just very little souvenir stores in a wooden hut selling key chains but now its modernized i didn't even recognized the outside!

Well anyway lets just go to the pictures. I dont really know what to say about Mines View Park, I think its just ok to go to, just for the saying you have been there. There are activities that you can do and spend money on. Kidding aside, im pretty sure that sellers there make a lot of money! 

If I'm not mistaken, they have horse sitting picture for P50, and also for the same price a photo op with this cute and adorable dog! He is just way to irresistible. I just also want to share the photos i took there.

a photo with my friend edmar from
check out his blog for a ton of travel posts!
so we paid less that 20 pesos each for the outfit photo op, not bad!

 This is what you can expect from mines view park. a lot of this kind of view,
 and a wishing well way down there ( i really cant see it since the place is just packed!)

Address: Outlook Drive, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines
well all the locals know this place, getting there shouldn't be a problem 

Will i come back to this place? Yes if im with someone new to the area (husband and future kids) so that they can say they have been to this place. but other than that reason not really. 

So thats it for this post :)