Sunday, September 20, 2015

Food: Sea Breeze Restaurant (Quick Review)

Walking along Boracay’s famous white beach the senses can be overwhelmed by the amount of dining options to choose from. But generally you must go inside and look over the menu and decide what sounds good.

The Seabreeze takes the guesswork out. A flame grill charring whole chunks of tender juicy steaks fill the air with a potpourri of succulent flame grilled goodness. The steak was very delicious. It was juicy, moist, well seasoned, and most importantly, not overcooked. However, I do wish they allowed actual steaks to be served as opposed to slices. If you like crabs and shrimp, this is also a great deal and the 800 pesos, no drink included, is still worth it.

The only downsides would be that the whole restaurant is not enclosed with air conditioning and the buffet was somewhat lacking in options. This was important as the beach was stifling the week we were in Boracay. And the rest of the buffet did leave something to be desired. The additional buffet items were lackluster and void of much imagination. The lechon baboy was dry and the side dishes were very basic. The dessert station was also very sparse in many choices, and the choices that were available fell below expectations. Service was very prompt, however, and the staff helpful. Bottom line…there are much better buffets in the country (Dad’s in Metro Manila for example) but if you are in Boracay and want a good all you can eat steak, shrimp, or crab experience they do deliver quite well in that area.

Just sharing some of the photos we took. enjoy

So thats it for this post. More about our Boracay vacation (honeymoon) soon!

Review by Travis
Photos by Therese