Monday, May 25, 2015

Baguio City-Cafe by the Ruins Dua

Hello there! thanks for dropping by my blog.

I just want to share my DISMAY with this cafe in Baguio City. Located at Upper Session Road. me and the whole part van dropped by this cafe to have some coffee and pastries. I dont really like ranting about service that much but this one just put me on that level during our visit.

I basically ordered an Iced Ruin coffee for 110 php and an ensaymada for 90php. The food is okay but its a shop that i will not visit again. They have a very slow service there,.,the people im with ordered the ruins coffee which is kinda overrated since they said it tastes like coffee with ginger brew (salabat) and they served everyones pastries 1st and it basically went cold waiting for the coffee.

We keep on asking for the coffee and i think they waited for around an hour for this cup of coffee. LIKE SERIOUSLY? just for a cup of coffee!!!!

The staff are not attentive and they just skipping my request for water when the water station is being passed by multiple times. they are slow and not really paying attention. ITS JUST FREAKING WATER. plus we actually paid for service charge for their bad service. ugh! I will not recommend this place to any of my friends and family.

so thats it for this rant post and i hope they fix their customer service ASAP.


therese glenn