Saturday, February 7, 2015

Travels: San Guillermo Parish Church

Hi! its me again with a new travel post!

Late January i was able to join a local schools field trip and one of the places we visit is the San Guillermo Parish church, located in Bacolor, Pampangga. its just a few hours away from Marikina city if you are in a private vehicle.

  San Guillermo Parish Church

more information about the church

main altar

Upon going down the bus there are so many people who sells souvenirs on the premises itself. there are also a few stalls selling snacks in the place. its really a pretty church and its also well maintained. at the side of the church houses their collection of old paintings and photos back in the days.

some of the paintings on display

 as you can see the walls. those are original walls 
they are doing their best to conserve the church and use the original material if they can

a mini diorama of the church and its premises

Going to churches and museums is really a nice experience especially seeing their photographs and paintings that they have been taking care of for decades. Im happy i was able to visit this place and im hoping to be able to come back with the future generations for them to see this.

so thats it for this post i hope you do pay this church a visit and learn their history as well :)


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