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Travel : Zoobic Safari - The ONLY Tiger and Lion Safari in the Philippines!

Hello everyone! thanks for dropping by my blog. I m warning you guys that is photo and video heavy post.

their tour train/truck
this is one clever thing! but since we are in a bus we are not able to experience though

For this post i will share to you guys my amazing experience in Zoobic Safari the only Lion and Tiger Safari in the Philippines! It just happened to me that the local school near our place had a field trip and since one of the kids there is my friend and its her birthday i opted to pay her school tour fee and ask her if i can go with them so i can see the place as well. So basically i ended up in a bus full of 7th grades (12-13 years old kids) last January 24, 2015. It was actually fun!

The tour started  as soon as we arrived around 1 pm. We have a tour guide but i wasnt able to take a photo of her since there are a ton of kids and there are different schools in the premises as well..

we are dropped off at the 1st stop which is the zoobic park. we fell in line and the tour guide gave info about the animals and their habitats as well. we are a large group of 50 kids and im amazed she handled everything just fine.

Its basically a zoo, but the park itself is kinda open, the birds are not in tiny cages with leashes. The animals are also roaming around freely in some areas! it makes me happy that they are comfortable of their current habitat.

Here are some of the photos of the animals on the Zoobic Park

there are a lot of them in the premises even different kinds of cockatoos
this bird knows how to pose for the camera i must say!

sun conure
its very colorful and they are very active too! 
they keep moving when everyone is trying to get  photo of them

asian small clawed otter
i never knew that there are otters in asia! like seriously.
i thought they just existed in US!

northern cassowary 
a large flightless bird but their legs are strong too!

the bear cat
every time i see this creature its always sleeping 

posing with this posh dromedary camels
they only have one hump on their backs though not like the other camels i see on TV
(against the light photo)

We then proceeded to DEAR DEER
they have a lot of deers in the place i never seen so many in my life!
 and they are in a very large area with fence
here are some of the photos

they are just really beautiful creatures!
i learned on the tour that the more the stems on their antlers are the older the deer :)

Next up!
We were asked to sit down and watch a show!
Aetas are natives of the philippine islands and they prepared performances for us!
INFO: they believed that if there is a feud on tribes they try to reserve it on a peaceful manner
thats why they do this traditional dances based on animal movements.
watch the videos below!

the bird dance

the monkey dance

the warrior dance

next up the SERPENTARIUM
lizards, snakes & turtles section

you will be greeted at the entrance by the turtles

an albino python

its a lizard but i forgot the name :) 
please comment below if you know what kind of lizard this is

red tegu

there are a lot of species of iguanas family.

next we went to to the close encounter with the tigers!
if i can remember it correctly they have 30-40 tigers in captivity
both bengal and siberian tigers can be seen


most of the tigers have 100 stripes
their stripes are unique like human finger prints
if you shave tiger hair it will still have the same pattern on hair growth

After that we went to the SAVANNAH
this is a desert like settings where we see how animals act on their own.
there are actually a lot of pot bellied pigs, goats, ostriches, camels, horses and cows roaming freely.
PS : we are in the tour bus when i took the photos since its like a rolling tour. 
more camels
obviously they are having a moment


Second to the last place we visited is the Croco Loco

Croco loco is a home for a lot of salt water crocodiles and you have the option to feed them there
they will give you a fishing line with chicken for 50 pesos and you can make the crocodiles move because they try to get the chicken. 

so after this we hop back in the bus and went to the last part of the tour!
The Lion and Tiger Safari Ride!
i have been looking forward for this since i knew that they offer this kind of attraction.

the jeepney! yes this is like what we ride on during the tour, 
it was pretty cool and can sit up to 16 people!

well we are at the back and this station is a super hit! 
can you just imagine how  long we waited for our turn
there are a lot of snacks and souvenir shops on the waiting area too!

we are informed that we can feed the white lion for just 200 pesos!
the tigers are already full so they are kinda resting at that time.
i really enjoyed having a super close encounter with the lion and i even took a video of it!

White lion feeding in zoobic safari!
im super happy about it! here are some photos for you guys to enjoy!

he is huge!!!

snack time for this handsome lion!
we waited for him to finish his meal but my camera died. 
you can check the video above so you can see him munching in action!

Overall the experience was awesome! i learned a lot and see new animals too! its not your typical zoo that you can visit everyday, getting super close to lions and tigers is the highlight of  this trip! its very tiring and yet its fulfilling. Seeing animals that are watering in a vast space of land and roaming freely like their natural habitat  is different from seeing them on leashes and cages. i will love to come back and i will take my husband with me the next time! 

I highly recommend this place to everyone! you will really get your moneys worth! the tour took us 4-5 hours to finish everything! yes its a tiring experience but you cant see lions and tigers everyday!

For more info about their promos, tours and packages please check the links below
Phone:  (047)2522272, (02)899-9595 loc 344, (02)899-9824, 09185033399
Address: Group1 Ilanin Forest, Forest Adventure Park, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines, 2200

PS: I am neither invited or paid for this post by Zoomanity group

so thats it for this post! i hope you guys had fun and consider visiting them in the future!


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