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Feature: Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua-Unforgettable Wedding

Getting married this 2015? Might as well check this out!

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The year 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep is an auspicious year for those planning to tie the knot! Signs are extremely favorable for those who intend to marry to be benefit from harmonious long term partnership. Especially for those born under the year of the Sheep, Rabbit, Boar, Horse and Dog this is the year to make that walk down the aisle.

But why leave things to chance? Master Hanz Cua, Asia’s youngest Feng Shui Master can help you seal the deal by helping you to find the perfect wedding date that will ensure not just a joyful celebration, but a lasting relationship for you and your intended. Master Hanz is well learned in the ancient traditional Chinese technique of determining the perfect wedding day for the happy couple. You will need to provide the birthday information (day/month/year) including the hour of birth of both the bride and groom. Master Hanz will then calculate the best month and day of the year, based on the auspicious love star in your chart, so you can set the perfect date for your nuptials. Master Hanz Cua studied his date selection craft from different feng shui masters abroad. During his 9 years of expertise he has helped celebrities, politicians, and big businessmen choose the most auspicious dates for their weddings.

Master Hanz also advises that one of the most important features that will make your marriage day especially auspicious is to take that truly unforgettable and exceptional wedding photo of the bride and groom. For this Master Cua highly recommends the photographer Vladimir Lima. “He was the one who shot my pictures for my billboards. As the only celebrity Feng Shui Master who has billboards all over EDSA and LED ads, the aura of my picture came alive thanks to the artful skills of Vladimir Lima.”

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