Sunday, June 29, 2014

TRAVEL DIARY: Taoist Temple

hello there!

so its my second post of the day because i have nothing to do on my day off... i will just share to you guys some of the photos i got from last years trip to the Taoist temple in Cebu we got here via cab and there are actually a lot of people here :) its pretty easy to get a cab going here,. but mind you we waited f or a long time to get a cab to get out of the place! AND they do NOT ALLOW anyone to get photos of their statues inside their temples. let me just describe it. it definitely resembles a look like Confucius does have,., but there are a few variations,. the temples are colorful it depicts Chinese architecture and also very peaceful. its really a nice place to go to.

address: its inside beverly hills subdivision, Cebu City

so if ever you are planning to go to cebu city, please do visit the place its really nice!

so here are some of the photos i have, ENJOY GUYS!

this us the gate where the cars can go in and park and stuff. 

another gate in the temple. 

detailing on the main gate

 a nice view of the city 

some statue on the temple

their temple ceiling does have intricate design and i love the colors too

a huge bell

some statue again :)

for some reasons.. i declined doing this just nervous of what the result would be.

 well i guess thats it for this post. i hope you enjoy the colorful photos of the place and if you visit cebu city this would be a nice add on t your trip! have a nice day everyone!