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The Perfect Garment You've Always Wanted: 10 Points to Remember Before Ordering a Custom-Tailored Dress

Factory sizes can be deceiving and vary across different stores. The hassle of shopping off-the-rack can be frustrating. Ordering a custom tailored dress can give you confidence in a form-fitting one-of-a-kind outfit.

Ordering a custom dress can be done in person through a boutique or online. Use these tips to understand the process of ordering a custom dress and common aspects to expect.

1. Always Research Tailor Shops 

Tailoring is an art and not everyone is versed in how to successfully fit your garment to your body. Researching companies can save people time and money by collecting various accounts of the tailor’s work. Reviews are helpful and summarize experiences for a consumer who doesn’t have the time to research themselves.

Check the reviews in full and understand how the company responds to its customers. Even during disagreements, there are approaches businesses can exercise that show they truly want to correct the situation. Hopefully,  you will not run into a problem, but you want to be sure it will be solved properly if there is.

2. There are Advantages For Tailoring In-Person and Online

Benefits exist for in-person tailor shops over online ordering systems. A self-fill form will not produce the same results as a real human being. There can also be an opportunity for multiple fittings at a tailor shop to make sure the dress will fit perfectly as it is made. Online capabilities are more convenient to the average consumer who does not have time to meet someone in real time.

You can vocally express things you would like and see samples in person. You can also physically touch the materials and be sure it will keep you cool or warm, depending on the season. These same conveniences could prove difficult to convey over the internet.
Internet prices can be cheaper, but nothing compares to the attention a real-life tailor can give you.

3. Always Take Honest Measurements

If you are using an online system to order your dress, do not be tempted to lie about your measurements. This is the most important part of a tailored dress. You want the dress to fit, but also be comfortable. Most tailoring shops alter clothing within a comfortable size of the client. It is unlikely that the garment will come skin-tight.

If you plan on trying to drop a few pounds before the big event, make sure your dress is a realistic size for you to achieve. Measurements are the first step in how to begin ordering a custom dress.

4. Different Country, Different Sizing

Each country has standards they use to measure clothing. Conversion charts can be found online to ensure you are ordering based on a size that is familiar to you. If this is the case, double check and check again to be sure everything is correct. The further your tailor, the longer shipping will take if there is an issue.

5. Know Your Shoes

In most occasions, women wear high heeled shoes to special events. Thus, if you are ordering your dress an important feature to take into account is the height of the shoes. For in-person fittings bring those shoes, or shoes of similar height, when they are doing the hem of your dress. This way you can see exactly how it looks so it does not end up too short.

There are even ways to create custom-designed shoes. That could add additional flare to your unique outfit.

6.  Wants Need Expressing Clearly

Ordering a Custom dress take time, especially since direct orders given to the tailor can get mixed up or misinterpreted. If you would like a certain style or alteration- be sure to speak up. If you do not make your wants perfectly clear you may not get them at all. Don’t worry that you’re asking too many questions, professionals are there to help you get the perfect fit for you.

7. Custom Dresses Can Be Affordable- In the Long Run

One of the aspects of a custom dress is that it is more costly than a dress you can purchase off the rack. While the upfront cost (and effort) may be increased, that does not mean it is not worth it in the long run. Most men will consider ordering one custom suit that they rotate for special occasions.

Consider if the custom dress will be worn more than once, or if the one time you are wearing it is worth the price. Some consider a perfectly fitting garment in the exact style of their choosing very much worth it.

8. Do Not Order Too Early

Body weight changes often, and a few pounds is not hard to gain. The act of ordering a custom dress needs to be done with high attention to sizing and time frame. Choosing a realistic size is important because you don’t want to waste money on a dress that turns out will not fit properly at the time of the event.

Ordering early can also become a problem when it comes to storage. If you don’t have a safe place to store your dress, it could end up damaged before the event.

Doing your research early can never hurt. That way, if you are waiting, you will know how long the creation of your outfit will take.

9. Complications May Arise 

Errors may arise, in the sizing, and the timing of receiving the gown. But staying calm in stressful situations like these can prove personally beneficial. Custom shops are experienced in solving these sorts of issues and respond quickly and efficiently when treated respectfully. If you have planned accordingly, there still should be plenty of time to remedy the problem.

10. Do Not Order Too Late

In-person tailor shops and custom dress shops often have waitlists. If that is not the case, it is helpful to know the busiest season for these shops is spring, around prom time. Because these stores are producing the most dresses at this time, it will take longer than usual to get a finalized dress.

If a problem occurs, or even a piece of the garment tears before your event, you must allow for time for it to be fixed. Make sure there will be time to try on the final product and make any last minute alterations in time for your big event.

A Perfectly Tailored Dress

Everyone wants a beautiful custom dress that fits them perfectly to be a showstopper at an event. By taking a little extra care to make sure your wants are expressed efficiently, and the sizing is correct,, you can avoid a lot of stress.  Use reasoning and measuring tape to follow important steps thoroughly to begin understanding how to design and order a custom dress.

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