Saturday, November 17, 2018

Traveling with Confidence: 7 Handy Items to Take with You on a Camping Trip

 Spending some alone time with friends and family on, say, holidays such as Christmas is an amazing experience you can ever have. And camping is one of the most common events you can do to get away from the basics. You’ll need to choose your favorite camping spot depending on your lifestyle and preferences. But there are items that if you forget to take, you may not have a good time out there. But don’t worry. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 7 handy items to take with you on your trip. Please read on.

Essential Electronics

To ensure that you enjoy your time with friends and family, you should avoid high-tech distractions such as your tablet or personal computer as much as possible. You’ll need to get updates on the weather forecast and important information going on. Which is why having a good portable radio will save you the hassle of having to constantly check your phone for such updates. Also, take binoculars and a camera with you to capture most of the amazing features and moments.

First Aid Kit

This is one of the most important camping necessity that you should bring with you on a camping trip. Remember, you’re going to camp and anything can happen, say, when having fun. Bumps, scratches, cuts, or burns could be inevitable and this is where a first aid kit would come in handy. So, ensure to add this to your checklist.

Sleeping Pad

Going out to camp doesn’t mean you won’t need to have some sleep. In fact, having enough good sleep will be an assurance that you’ll have a good time. And you can agree with me that sleeping on bare hard and rocky ground is very uncomfortable. Plus, the ground tends to get cold and wet at night and you’ll wake up with a groggy and sore back. So, make sure you carry a comfortable sleeping pad with decent cushioning.

Food and Drinks

You’re going into the woods. Chances are you’ll hardly find some sit-down restaurants, yet you need to eat. Unless you’re going for a religious fasting session, you’ll need to carry a portable kitchen with you. Carry items like lightweight, reusable towel and water bottle, utensils, fueled camping stove, food, and cookware.

Lantern, Headlamp, or Flashlight

You need to always take a flashlight, lantern, or a headlamp with you every time you go camping. These will be very useful when you’re walking in the dark and when you need to light up the place. Perhaps you’ll be interested in having a midnight snack and you’ll need some source of light. Just ensure that the source is located somewhere you can easily reach when needed.

Navigation Tools

Having GPS system on your phone and, perhaps, installed on your car can often make you see no need of having your navigation necessities like maps, compass, pen, and two-way radios for a larger group. After all, you’ll just use your phone, right? But what about when you’re deep into the forest where your GPS will be less reliable? Don’t risk this, ensure to carry all the navigation tools you can so you won’t experience some hassle when in remote camping spots.

Changing Clothes

Of course, you’ll need to change when in the camp depending on the situation at hand. Which is why it’s very important that carry some changing clothes with. You should, however, concentrate on carrying lightweight fabrics that won’t cause some inconvenience carrying around. Have some sunglasses, swimsuit, water shoes, packable waterproof and breathable jacket, long pants and long-sleeved shirts, and wool socks among other essential clothing.


Forgetting some of the most important items can deny you the fun and good times you ought to have enjoyed while camping. But lucky for you, you now know most of the basic necessities that you need to carry when going for a camp. Also look out for relevant themed blogs for more information about useful items to take with you when traveling.

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