Thursday, October 25, 2018

5 Things I Learned in Creating Instagramable Photos Workshop.

Instagram is a great platform in showcasing your products and services nowadays. A lot of sellers make sure that they have pleasing if not attractive images that represent their brand to convert their following into a sale. I for one struggle in taking decent images that are at least instagram worthy and i dont know how to carefully curate my account. Good thing I attended Manila Workshops product photography workshop which I really enjoyed.

Today Im here to share 5 things I loved about the workshop!

1. The speaker is very knowledgeable and entertains a lot of questions!

Mr Keith Dador had projects with big brands like McDonalds and does magazine photography as well. He shared his wealth of knowledge to us and everyone was really attentive when he does his set up and demos.

2. Lighting is a big factor to great pictures.

Even if you have a good camera or a very nice subject, lighting will make or break the image output of your session. I learned that soft and hard lighting can be used in different ways and also making light bounce a little to accentuate the product itself. Its quite technical but its very useful for product photography

3. Flatlay VS Angular photos

When everyone started using flat lay I got really confused as im the person that couldnt bear to take images with that style. I learned that you should do it depending on the product or what mood you are trying to achieve. It seems like even flat lay took over angular images are still good especially for food photography. As my products are handmade i might mix both styles in the future.

4. Composition will depend on your personal taste.

Personally I prefer a minimalist approach when it comes to product photography. But in the workshop example there was one that was a maximalist and to be honest i couldnt focus on the product itself. There are also a triangle that was rather pleasing to the eye but that really depends on the subject.

5. Textures and background go hand in hand.

Backgrounds and textures play a key role in creating a good photo. If textures clash and the products just blend in with the background its not gonna stand out as much as you wanted it to be. selection should be made by your own judgement and how it looks like in the images.

Image from Mr Keith Dador

Final thoughts

I must say that this was such a info filled workshop that its kinda impossible to not apply what we learned. I definitely recommend attending the workshop as it helps in creating or setting the tone for your social media presence. There are a ton of examples and demos in the workshop and also he told us of alternatives that we can use in doing our own product photography . He explain technical things in layman's terms and lets us get upclose to the setup that we have that day. All in all its definitely worth the money and time to attend to!

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