Friday, August 24, 2018

How to increase storage space in a small apartment?

With house prices constantly rising, it’s becoming more difficult than ever to get onto the housing market. In fact, people are waiting now until they are in their 30’s before they make their first purchase. And due to the rising prices, a lot of first time buyers are now choosing to buy an apartment. As discussed in this article from the Independent, they are much cheaper when it comes to bills and maintenance. And you often feel a lot safer and benefit from a brilliant view when it comes to apartment living. However, there is a downfall to buying a small apartment, and that is the lack of space. A lot of apartment owners struggle to find space for all their belongings as there is low storage space. In fact, they end up having to sell items as they just don’t have the room for them. However, it doesn’t have to be the end for your items if you are lacking in space. Here is how to increase storage space in a small apartment.

Make the most of your balcony

One of the top benefits of owning an apartment is the balcony that comes with your new home. However, a lot of people don’t think about using their balcony as a storage area. In fact, they just use it for entertaining. But the balcony is a great area for storage space. For instance, you could consider getting a rattan storage box for your balcony. Not only will this have plenty of space for your items, but it could also be a bench for guests when you’re entertaining. You could also go for a great shelving unit on your balcony. That way, you can store items in boxes and then place them on the shelves. It’s a great idea for those small items that you can’t find homes for. Even though you have storage items on your balcony, you can still make it look beautiful by altering the features of your juliet balcony such as attractive glass clamps from Balustrade Components which will make it an ideal area for dining while being a great storage area at the same time.

Opt for furniture with hidden storage

When it comes to choosing furniture for your apartment, you should go for items which have hidden storage. For instance, if you are choosing a new sofa for your place, you should pick one which has drawers underneath the sofa. That way, you can pull these out when you need them and fill them up with necessities such as DVDs and books which you might need in the room. That way, you have increased storage without having to do any major changes in the room. You can also get individual chairs which have hideaway storage in the sides or underneath the cushions. It’s not just the lounge where you can place multi-purpose furniture. You can go for a bed which pulls up to give you a ton of storage space underneath. That way, you can fill the area with sheets, nightwear and towels that you can have easy access to. It’s a great way to have storage without having to buy extra furniture for the room. A lot of students go for these beds as it’s a great place for all their essential study items. The headboard can also be a surprising storage area as you can see in this article by Huffington Post. As you can see in the picture, it has been hollowed out to create a great area for all your books and magazines. That way, you can have a read before you hit the land of nod.

Use the vertical space in your flat

When it comes to storage in your flat, you need to think upwards rather than just using the floor space. After all, you will find you can get a lot of extra storage space by using the walls in your small apartment. As this article from Life Storage describes, shelves are a cheap idea which will give you a lot of extra room for your belongings. You can add these in the bedroom above the main bed to put your items. Or you could even place them in your bathroom above the door trim so you have a great amount of space for towels and all your body products. Using the wall space leaves you that essential space you need for the big items in your flat. 

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