Monday, January 8, 2018

Fix Your Finances With A Little DIY

Your finances are often the center of your world. We need it to keep a roof over our heads and a credit report can affect a lot more than we think! Yet, you could simply look inwards to make some cash on the side...Remember that famous movie quote, ‘If you’re good at something, never do it for free?’ Well, it’s actually great advice! You can make a lot of money off of the things you build with your own hands, and once you have some good reputation behind you, any materials you invest in become 2x their original value. So, when it comes to fixing your finance, turn to the DIY world to make some more money when you really need it. Here’s a little advice on how.

Sell Off Your Creations

If you have a bunch of hand carved chairs in the garage, or the pottery you put care and effort into shaping is boxed up in the attic, it’s time to clear that out and put them online. There’s always a collector out there for niche markets, and a lot of the time normal people like you are looking for cheap alternatives to the big brands. Give them the quality assurance seal and sell them off for a good price.

Any penny of some extra money can do wonders for your bill needs at the end of the day. For example, when it comes to knowing how to repair your credit, we’re all looking for answers. Yet, putting your skills to good use is definitely a time and money considerate effort when it comes to paying off those credit card bills. You might not even need to use your credit as much as you used to once you have your side hustle off the ground!

Where to Head to Start Selling!

You’ll probably want to start up on a platform that’s well known for what it does and has a huge exposure. Then, make sure you title and tag your pieces properly and then advertise about them on your social media. You never know when your friends and family are looking to invest in products that are a little closer to home.

Try out marketplaces like Etsy, as there’s over 30 million registered customers here. Imagine how many hits a day you might get! You can even offer promotions and sales for returning customers by slipping in a card with a code with every product you ship out. If you’d rather let people bid on your items you can head to the good ol’option of Ebay, but the fees here can end up rather hefty. With both options, listings can cost you a few pennies each time, but there’s no breaking the bank involved.

Your finances need you! You spent some good time on making your creations and you had fun with the process, it’s time to make the money you deserve from it. This is often easier than you think, so try out these options.

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