Monday, December 18, 2017

Villa Escudero Waterfalls and Villas

Villa Escudero is one of the top tourist attractions that balikbayans visit to rekindle their Filipino spirit. And, many foreign tourists are even more intrigued with the rare dining experience Villa Escudero offers.

Villa Escudero in Tiaong, Quezon allows its visitors to experience Filipino life and culture through food, accommodation, museums, folk dance presentation, and other recreational activities. But, in this article, I’d like to highlight my review on my dining and overnight experience in the Villa.

Overnight Accommodation

Villa Escudero has five types of accommodation rooms, namely Riverside Units, Executive Riverside Units, Longside Unit, Executive Longhouse Unit and Presidential Suite. The most expensive they have is the Presidential Suite. This cost P6,200 to 10,500 per night depending on whether it’s a peak season or not. It can be occupied by at least five persons. And, it has a large veranda from which you can relax and view the river.

The Riverside Units also have verandas from which you can view the calm river. Each of these rooms cost P 4,400 to 7,000 per night depending on the season. These units can accommodate a big group with twelve members.

Since they have air condition, the Executive Units (Riverside and Longhouse Units) have a more modern design compared to the ordinary rooms. And, they are more expensive for about P1,200 to 2,200.

As for us, we stayed at the Longside Unit. Overnight stay in this room costs around P 3,600 to 6,000 depending on the season. It can accommodate up to six persons only.

This was perfect for us since we were coming from a vacation from Singapore and I had a lot of work given by my chinese tutor Singapore. This was a good spot for me to work.

I really loved how the Villa has a rustic vibe. The Villa’s accommodation rooms feature modern bahay kubo design. Among the room types, I think the Longside Unit captured the rustic vibe most. It is carefully designed with high ceiling and with the materials, sawali, and bamboo.

These designs allow natural ventilation within the room.The room was big enough. There was a main bed with a canopy. Beside it is a single bed. Then, there is a loft in which you can find three mattresses. But, either which space you prefer, you’ll feel very cozy and homey. The bathroom and shower are built with tiled walls and floors. And, they have separate glass doors. The sink is situated in between the shower and bathroom. The shower has a cold and warm switch. And the bathroom is fairly decent with bidet.

What I loved most was the outdoor living room. Here is where you can just sit and maybe take out your laptop and work. Or, maybe you can just hang out with your friends and just chill.

Waterfalls Buffet Lunch in Villa Escudero

Many tourists really visit Villa Escudero just to experience dining in at the foot of the Labasin Falls. So, the place can be crowded during weekends and Holidays. The best time to visit the place is during weekdays.

Although I think you can ask for a plastic spoon and fork, eating at the base of the Labasin Waterfalls may be best if you do it with your bare hands. Eating bare hands or Kamayan Style is a traditional way of eating in the Philippines.

At their buffet table, they serve all Filipino cuisine from soup, main dishes with rice and up to the dessert. Usually, they’ll serve grilled pork, roasted chicken, pancit, caldereta, and fresh vegetables. For dessert, they have banana cue (deep fried banana) and fresh fruits.

I’d say my dining experience at the base of Labasin Waterfalls inside Villa Escudero is satisfactory. They generously serve delicious Filipino dishes. Plus, I love the natural ambiance. The sound of the chirping birds and of the flowing water is relaxing. And, seeing many families and barkada (friends) enjoying the buffet lunch gives a vibe similar to a fiesta (celebration).

Have you experienced staying at Villa Escudero yet? Did you enjoy your buffet lunch at the base of Labasin Waterfalls? If not, I’d suggest you bring your family or friends with you to visit the Villa. If you’ve already visited the place, let me know your experience by commenting below.
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