Friday, October 27, 2017

Wedding Day Accessories You Must Remember

Weddings are a time of joy, celebration and beauty. Everyone smiles and gasps at a bride; the sheer brilliance of the happiness that shines off of them is infectious to everyone within range of them. Unfortunately for any bride and groom, wedding day organisation isn’t always straightforward, as weddings are large events that take a lot of time, effort and money to pull together. Minimizing disruption is the goal and a part of that is to be as organised as possible when it comes to putting the day together.
The planning process for a wedding should start early enough to be appreciated by all who attend. Some couples like the idea of a wedding planner, as this way they don’t have to be responsible for remembering every single detail of their big day. Others prefer to micromanage every step, and sometimes this is where mistakes happen, and things get forgotten about. Accessories are a big part of a wedding, whether it’s wedding rings from or butterflies in a box to release on ‘I do’. If you’re careful, you won’t forget any of the accessories you need for your wedding day, but just in case you’re concerned about it, we’ve put together some of the accessories you really should try to remember for the day!

Something Old

Most people love the tradition of finding something old to wear on their wedding day, and this can come in any form you like. A lot of brides love the idea of wearing their mother’s wedding jewelry as a way to honor her and also, for luck. If your mother has had a long and happy marriage, wearing her jewelry is symbolic of that marriage.

Something New

There are so many wedding accessories that would be totally new, so you can pick from a good bunch. You have the wedding rings, the dress and even the shoes you’ve carefully selected for the day. These are all accessories for a bride, and if it’s brand new, it counts!

Something Borrowed

Often, a bride will borrow a hankie (clean, obviously) from her father or from the groom himself. Tucked into the bosom of the dress, a hankie is close to the heart and a way to catch those happy tears when she gets to the altar. You could also consider a tiara or other headgear as a good accessory to borrow for your wedding day.

Something Blue

Whether this is a garter, the colors of your wedding day or the sapphires in the setting of your earrings/engagement ring, blue is a color of weddings. There’s always blue accessories you can add, including a blue locket or rosary entwined in your bouquet. Here are some great ideas for blue wedding day accessories.
There is so much more to a wedding accessory list than what we’ve put together above, but once you’ve got your wedding outfit sorted out, you can be clearer about what would be best for your big day.

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