Thursday, May 25, 2017

Is Your Home Ready For Summer?


Summer is almost upon us. On top of adding to your summer wardrobe and make last minute holiday preparations, you may want to start preparing your home for the hot months ahead. Here’s a little checklist of some of the preparations worth making to make your home more cool and comfortable.

Replace winter curtains

It’s time to take down those thick winter drapes. Opting for some light thin fabric curtains or blinds will allow you to let more breeze in at night and prevent it getting too hot indoors during the day. Blackout blinds and curtains meanwhile can be great to have in a bedroom facing the morning sun – there’s nothing worse than getting woken up at 4am on a weekend because of the sunlight. Those that live near water may also want to consider mosquito net blinds to keep out the critters.

Get lighter bedding

Those heavy duvets and thick winter throws may be too uncomfortable to sleep under in the summer. To help sleep through those hot nights, a thinner summer blanket could be a good purchase. You can buy these online from companies such as Dunelm.


Fix up your air con

It’s likely you won’t have had the air conditioning on much during the last few months. Build ups of mold and dust can often occur during these periods. A HVAC repair and service company may be worth hiring to check that it is working properly and not clogged up. If anything, a service could be worth investing simply to give the filter a clean. Too many people will turn on the air con after months without use and end up pumping bacteria and dust into the air as a result. This can make a lot of people ill and there have been many links to Legionnaire’s Disease as a result of dirty air from air con units.

Empty the freezer

It’s time to make room in your freezer for those ice lollies and frozen barbeque meats. If you’ve currently got freezer drawers full of peas and forgotten microwave meals, now may be the time to use these up. You can then start shopping for summer frozen foods. If you don’t have an ice dispenser, buying a few bags of ice could be worthwhile for keeping those drinks chilled throughout summer.

Tidy up the garden

You’ll probably want to be out in that garden regularly throughout the summer, so get all those time-consuming garden maintenance jobs out the way early. Clear away the winter debri if you haven’t already, mow the lawn and trim back any plants that need trimming. If you’ve got a pond, spare a day to give this a clean and remove any weeds. Patio areas meanwhile may need to be cleaned and decking may need to be repainted.

As well as being a period of heat, summer can also be a time when the storms hit, so it’s worth preparing your home for a storm too. Fix up any loose fence panels and tackle any trees that look like they could be toppled the next time a storm hits.

Summer can also be a prime time for nature-spotting from one’s garden. Ponds can be great for attracting wildlife such as frogs and birds – if you’ve always wanted one in your garden, now could be the time to get such a project underway. Setting up a birdfeeder meanwhile can be a great way of attracting birds to your garden.


Buy solar lighting

Some people may want to host a few garden parties during the summer. Others may simply want to dine al fresco and sit outside for a few drinks late into the night. To make the most of these evenings, it’s worth getting some garden lighting, otherwise you’ll want to escape indoors as it will be pitch black. Solar lighting is the best option for this – these lights are powered by the sun and so don’t require any electricity cutting down on energy costs and the need to trail cords into the garden. You can get motion-sensitive solar lighting and even mood lighting that runs on solar power. Lanterns may be another alternative.

Get exterior heating

It can also get surprisingly cold in the evenings, as there’s often no cloud to trap the heat in at night. For this reason, having some form of exterior heating can be useful. Patio heaters are one option and can be run off gas or electricity. You can find these in many DIY stores and there are also many places to buy them online.

Those wanting a more natural source of heat may prefer to buy a chiminea or build a fire-pit. As well as providing heat, these provide a natural source of light and can give off a warmer ambiance. Load up on firewood early so that you can stay fueled throughout the summer. If you’re going down the fire pit route, you may want to start construction on this now so that you can make the most of the summer evenings.

Find last minute deals on summer garden gear

You’re best buying summer gear in winter when companies are eager to shift it from the shelves and so bring down the prices dramatically. However, you may still be able to get a few last minute deals in the early months of summer.

It’s worth looking out for coupons for hardware and garden stores. You can find these online and in many magazines and newspapers – they could help to save costs on a new swing chair or an electric barbecue. Father’s Day deals can also be great for grabbing garden tools such as new lawnmowers, trimmers and power tools.

Rushing to the shops during a sudden heatwave isn’t recommended. The high demand may cause many shops to run out of stocks, whilst others may take advantage of it by raising their prices.

Is your home summer ready? If not, follow these tips so you can save time and money!


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