Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Think Of Hygiene When Keeping Your Home Clean

Nobody enjoys cleaning, but you should be putting more time and effort into keeping your home clean for health reasons as well as an aesthetic which impresses guests. Even those among us with OCD often overlook the important aspects of keeping our houses clean on a practical level whilst we obsess with it looking clean. If you want to keep your house clean for your own health and the health of all those who live with you, rather than simply trying to show off to all those who visit your home, then here’s how to keep your home clean on a hygienic level, as well as an aesthetically-pleasing one.

Keep your bedroom clean.

Whilst you may only spend the odd evening relaxing in the living room, we all retreat to the bedroom every night and spend a solid eight hours or more of our day in there. Not only does this mean it’s vitally important that you keep this part of the house clean, but it only means that this part of the house is the most likely to become dirty. You may vacuum, change the sheets and open the window to air things out, but keeping a bedroom clean requires so much more than that.

You need to be thinking about your mattress and pillows too. Vacuuming the mattress on a fairly regular basis (as frequently as you vacuum the entire room) will ensure that you get rid of any mites or dust which may still be lingering, as clean sheets will only cover up such problems and make your room appear clean on the surface; as mentioned at the state, hygiene requires far more than ‘looking’ clean on an aesthetic basis.

Keep your rooms fresh.

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to keep your house clean is to keep it freshened air-wise. Whilst you shouldn’t be leaving windows open whilst you’re out of the house (for obvious safety reasons), you should be opening windows in rooms whilst you’re at home, especially during summer, or at least investing in a dehumidifier. Humid rooms often breed mold and other unhygienic, unclean entities along windowsills, so you need to be keeping the house fresh even on those cold days of the year. You could also look into air conditioning repair, as you’ll want your system to operate well in order to reduce harmful organisms and bacteria developing on surfaces. Keeping your house clean is about so much more than scrubbing floors or wiping down kitchen surfaces. Dirt is only one half of the problem.

Keep the kitchen sink clean.

You should be keeping the kitchen clean from top to bottom, but the area you need to focus on the most is the sink. Many kitchen sinks can become far more unhygienic than your own toilet seat, as we often see the sink as a clean place and forget to wash it as often as we might wash the plates or other utensils which go in there. If you want to ensure that you’re preparing food in a hygienic environment, you need to be cleaning the sink as well as cleaning counter-tops and tables.

Keeping a clean home should be a priority not only tidy but also away from harmful bacteria. How often do you clean the areas above? Comment down below!

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