Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Summer Is Coming: How To Get Your Home Ready


Yup, unlike Game of Thrones, summer is coming. It is the best time of the year. The nights get shorter, the days get warmer and the whole family can embrace the great outdoors, even if it just your little patch of great outdoors. There really is no better time of year than summer. But in order to make the very most of it and get the very best out of it, that means getting your house summer ready. It means getting those little winter-is-over-chores out the way and everything in place to enjoy the lazy, hazy and long days of summer. And here’s where to start:

Wave Goodbye To Winter

The single most effective way to bring summer into your home is to get rid of everything and anything that may suggest winter is still present. Winter is all about being warm and snuggly and cozy, which means it is time to get rid of anything that can be associated with these feelings. Get rid of any thick blankets, heavy rugs, logs, draperies, and candles. Replace these things with fresh cut flowers, light, and bright blankets, brightly colored art, bowls full of fresh fruit and anything else that shouts summer.


Get The Summer Air Flowing

Winter air is heavy and thick and still, so make sure you blast that away with a nice stream of cool air. It could be that you open the windows in the morning, or speak to the experts at mylightingsource.com/store/categories/1480/Casablanca-Fans about installing some ceiling fans, or getting some bi-fold doors put into the kitchen. Maybe it could be that you just need to get the air filter in your AC unit changed. Anything that gets the cool air moving will bring that cool summer comfort to your lives.

Address Your Fridge Freezer Situation

Okay, winter is all about stockpiling with wintry foods, and this needs to be addressed. So will the state of your freezer for that matter. So give it a full on defrosting and then refill it with summery foods and things. According to beautifulnow.com/guide-fridge-ready-for-summer/ it is important to make sure you have plenty of ice in their, and plenty of ice lollies and ice creams, and then add to that anything that constitutes as barbecue food. It’s that time of year, and nothing says ‘winning’ like a spontaneous grill up.


Time To Take On The Garden

In winter the garden gets neglected. There are no two ways about it. The bushes droop, the grass grows messy and the decking starts to peel and splinter and all sorts. So get all this dealt with in time for summer. Get the mower out, pull on your gardening gloves and get your painting on. It could be that you want to liven up your decking with a dash of varnish, or perhaps your window frames and doors could do with a lick of paint. Perhaps you fancy going all out and giving your garden furniture an extra bit of pizazz by painting them in some bold and bright color. What says summer more than a bright picnic table with miss-match chairs.

Be Ready To Party

In the summer it is incredibly easy for a small suggestion to turn into a big event. All of a sudden you have dozens round to yours for a garden party, friends and family, old and young. As such, make sure your blender is working so that cocktails and mock-tails can be dropped without fuss. Make sure you have a garage filled with garden games, whether it be Twister or croquet or volleyball or whatever. Make sure your barbecue has been cleaned too and that you have coals and gas stocked up. It is summer and who knows what could happen.

Gearing up for the summer season is definitely a must. Whats your favorite summer activity? Comment down below!

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